Moshe received proof of a spiritual afterlife in 1999

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  • Robdar

    Many years ago I lost my mind grieving over a friend of the family (a witness) that had passed away in a horrible accident right after I started my fade. His car had run off the road and wasn't found for 3 days. He was still alive but with severe bodily damage. He died later at the hospital. The horrific death of this sweet brother and the knowledge that he had suffered all alone with nobody to comfort him caused me to stop believing in God. And, just in case I was incorrect and there was a God, I would shoot my middle finger at the sky and tell him how much I absolutely hated him and that I would rather worship the devil than him. I absolutely seethed in my hatred.

    The week before I attended my first psychic fair, I had a dream about this brother every single night. We were not able to have a conversation but he would just appear in my dreams and look at me as if he were trying to tell me something....

    I went to the fair and came across a substitute "reader" named Sister Jackie. She had me close my eyes, open a Bible and point to a scripture. When she saw the scripture I pointed to, she said, "Praise God" and started telling me about RC. She even called him by his first name. She told me I had been having dreams about him lately and that the reason he was appearing to me was because he was sorry that his death had turned me against God, who was indeed real, and indeed my friend. She told me that he was coming to me to ask my forgiveness. That he had never meant to turn me against the One who loved me by dying.

    I started sobbing so hard and loudly that I worried the paramedics would be sent over. I cried and cried and cried.

    Those tears melted away my anger and hatred. I told RC that I loved him and how much I missed him. It released something in me that set me on an entirely new path to God. It helped me let go of JW teachings about death and I started to heal. Since that time I have viewed God in a different way. I have a relationship with Him that I was never able to achieve as a JW.

    She also told me that my overweight grandmother would die soon if she didn't lose weight. She told me to call her immediately and tell her to go on a diet and to stop eating so much sugar and white bread. She said that if my grandmother did not lose weight, that she would die and when she died, she would indeed be thin.

    I called my grandmother immediately and told her what Sister Jackie had said. My grandmother dismissed it. A few months later, when getting out of the shower, she slipped, attempted to right herself by grabbing the towel rack, the rack gave way, and all her weight came crashing down, breaking her femur in half. There was terrific blood loss which led to brain damage. She never walked again, developed dementia, and would refuse food at the nursing home my father placed her in. A year passed and she died a thin woman.

    That was my first proof of an afterlife. It was also proof to me of prophecy. I have had several similar experiences with my own premonitions.

    Once you open your mind, or have it pryed open as I did, your life will change.

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  • moshe

    We have more experiences here than I expected- Thank you all for sharing them.

  • EntirelyPossible

    i dreamed my son went noodling. I ordered catfish a week later to the day. Freaky stuff.

  • binadub

    moshe and robdar:

    Thanks for sharing your "coincidences." I've experienced a number of rather incredible "coincidences" myself. It definitely influences one's perspective.


  • maisha

    Had you taken any alchol, sleeping pills, Medication, or drugs before going to bed?.

    Wer eyou dehydrated, over tired, stressed.

    The mind and subconcious plays tricks on us, Our dream state is wel ldocumented to produce wild emotions and vivid realities that are not real.

    Since your dad was already in hospital i put it to you that your mind was working over time already knowing what may or may not hapen.

    Not spirit world just normal dream state in which you mind thinks through things and plays out different forms of stress reduction.

    Reality and dreams are two different things?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Did you have a look at the video I posted moshe? Especially the second one. The pschologist on that show was surprised by the accuracy of the psychics and although he said he is an serously made him think.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    That was an interesting experience Robdar...some things are just two strange to explain aren't they?

  • Jeffro
    No matter how "sure" you are that the spirit world was telling you that dear old Dad was dying at the moment and the only way to save him was for you to plead for him in your dreams, it was just a coincidence.

    Dreams are not the same as a specific memory of events. They are usually quickly forgotten, and are generally confined to short term memory. When a person consciously thinks about a dream after waking, their memory of the dream then can remain in longer term memory. It is essentially the memory of the dream that is remembered longer term rather than the dream itself. Even in typical circumstances, it is easy to incidentally confuse details of the dream, for example becoming convinced that a possibly generic person in the dream was 'definitely' a specific person. It is particularly likely for a person to mingle other events with their recollection of the dream if something dramatic happens shortly after waking.

  • moshe
    Since your dad was already in hospital

    I never said that, Maisha- you must have dreamed it- it was a surprise to find that out when the hosipital called.

    I don't take any prescription medication- do drugs or use alcohol.

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