I Believe Catholicism And Its Trappings Are Silly, Strange & Weird!!!

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  • myelaine

    well, hopefully he is more responsive now...if he still has his job

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Oh, he's still there....And probably will be until he retires.

  • jam

    still thinking; "The things she found funnist though was

    all the standing and sitting", LOL. I found that to be amusing

    also, but great work out for your rear.

  • WTWizard

    I view all Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions as being false. As such, most of their rituals are silly, strange, and weird. The ones that aren't are actually stolen from pagan religions--the likes of Christmas and Ashtar (Easter) were once pagan festivals that were Christianized. And I prefer the original versions of those holidays.

    I never did like the gods of right-hand path religion. They always seem to work against nature. It is a sin to enjoy your sex life. Materialism is wrong. Homosexuality a sin. Women being second-class, or worse, citizens. You are supposed to go into foreign lands to make disciples. Yet, none of those three religions that make a big deal of these issues fuss against torture of innocent people, invasion of national culture, and enslaving people (often including sending them off where they do not belong). Forced integration, usually working against all involved, usually follows when slaves are "released(??)". They never gain back their integrity when they are forced into a "melting pot", as compromise is always required. Yet, all three of the right-hand path religions are guilty of perpetrating this degradation of the whole human race.

    Rather, the original pagan religions and their Gods and Goddesses actually made more sense. These were the original religions, and taught that mankind could develop our souls. Each group was optimized, and the festivals actually made sense. You never had people being stifled because of sexual orientation (which can change during the course of one's life and is naturally bisexual in most people), gender (women were valued citizens, not second class), or because they wanted to improve society.

    Illustrate: I believe most people prefer Christmas where they do the tree and decorations, shop, bake, send cards, enjoy company they rarely see (even though sometimes it irritates them), wrap presents, and open up the presents. From an economic point, such is inefficient--yet people still do it. This means it has spiritual value that exceeds the "deadweight" loss. But, how many small children like the church part more than the above when they are being honest?

  • Sulla

    WTWizard really, really hates something he knows absolutely nothing about.

  • panhandlegirl

    I became a Cathoic a few years after I was df'd. My family had always been Catholic until my parents decided to change religions. One thing I was inpressed with was that when you go to church, you go there to worship, not to

    study to prove that you are right and everyone else is wrong. I confess that I don't believe everything they teach, but I don't believe everything anyone tells me. As someone else stated, you can expess your opinion about the

    Church without the fear of getting df'd. And, yes, I am aware that the Church has done some horrible things and how they conducted themselves about the pedophiles was also terrible. I think they have changed. I have known

    some very good priests. There are good people and bad people everywhere.

  • Isidore

    Sulla, this seems to be typical of WTWizard and others on the site.

  • apostatethunder

    Isidore, could you please be more explicit?

  • FlyingHighNow
    Oh but Mini, the Catholic church has been around longer than anyone else, so it must be right.....

    Actually, the Orthodox Church considers the Roman Church to be the first protestant church. The RC has deviated a lot, including celibate clergy.

    I Believe Catholicism And Its Trappings Are Silly, Strange & Weird!!!
    You've had a bizarre anticatholic fixation on here for years.

    It's residual JW influence. They mouth off about the RC constantly. My daughter tells me that the JW's drilled into her brain how evil religion, other than theirs, is so now she has a hard time with churches especially. A lot of ex-JW's have the JW attitude towards churches and even sometimes the rest of religion. Point that out though and you might get yelled at for forty pages. Being JW's influenced all of us and try as we might, we can never erase all of it from our psyches or pasts.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I was raised in the Episcopal church, which is Anglican Catholic. I find great beauty and comfort in the rituals and music of the church. Not all of them are even remotely silly. I have to say though, the Anglicans dropped a lot of the rituals the RC church does, like the ones Mini mentioned in his OP.

    I remember when I was confirmed into the church, the whole church chanted Veni Sancte Spiritus, which means Come Holy Spirit in latin. It's a beautiful song and chant and very moving when all the light is by candle. This is a Gregorian chant. This version here isn't as pretty as being there in the church when 300 voices surround you, chanting. The soloists aren't as good as they were they night at St. Mark's. It will still give you an idea of the beauty. The harp is a nice part of this particular arrangement.


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