I Believe Catholicism And Its Trappings Are Silly, Strange & Weird!!!

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  • FlyingHighNow
    I am 'jumping' in here, that is, I have not read all the preceding posts. Minimus is skilled at creating threads that everyone has an opinion on.
    Anyway, here's my observation. (I am an atheist.)
    If I were to embrace a religion it would be Cath. Lots of iconic, physical elements. Crosses, rosaries, crucifixion statues, Mary and the saints images, rituals up the kazoo for everything from birth to death. Feasts and observations, total deathbed forgivenance for anything you are ashamed of, meaning Al Capone is in heaven.
    In other words, you get a lot of bang for the buck. You can get involved as deeply as you want but you don't have to do anything. Maybe wear a nics blingy crucifix.

    Glander, I appreciate your post.

    Though I am a Universalist, I love the beauty of the rituals of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Catholic/Episcopal Churches. I love the music and shared history of the two. In old England, under one king or queen the buildings, bishops, priests, monks & nuns would be Roman and the next they'd be Anglican Catholic. Queen Elizabeth I finally came up with the Via Media, which means in Latin middle road. She took the best of the Roman church and added the best of reformation to form the Anglican (Catholic) Church, in order to stop the bloodshed between Roman and Anglican supporters. Today the Episcopal Church of the Americas, Church of Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and others are part of the Anglican Communion.

    Rituals and RC and AC music aren't for everyone. My mother, raised in the Presbyterian Church, chose my father's Episcopal Church when they were married. She was a classical pianist and soprano and became the music and choir director at our tiny church in Morgan City, LA. She sometimes played the organ, too. She brought her parents to church with us, one Sunday when they had come for a visit. I remember Mom asking Grandma how she enjoyed the service. (She wanted grandma to comment on her music and accomplisments.) Grandma said, "It was okay, but I don't like too much ritual." Mom looked kind of crushed. As an adult, I realized that she really wanted her parents to be proud of her beautiful musical contributions to our services.

    In May of 2011, I went back to that sa,e church for the first time since 1970. I had such wonderful memories of Trinity Episcopal Church and I wanted to take communion there for the first time. In 1970, the organ was not visible to the congregation. Here's a 22 second video of the pre-service music. The second video is one someone else made with two of the Kyries and some RC buildings, etc. The music can be very moving.



  • FlyingHighNow

    I have to say though, most American RC churches sound more like a folk music hootenanny anymore and in larger churches people just line up single file and stand for communion, no longer kneeling for it. I like the more beautiful services, music and kneeling for communion that we still do in the Episcopal Church in the US.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Is this thread finally kaput?

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    i hope so. i'm rather sick of seeing people continuously trying to jstify the bigoted things they've said.

    i wonder how it is that someone can have so little respect for other people's cltures and customs. especially when they came out of a cult which spposedly pushed love and respect for everyone. maybe that was the problem. the cult was a lie, and taught that they had the one true religion so of course everyone else was not much more than neanderthals who slaughtered each other mercilessly and whatever religion they jumped ship to, those old trappings came with.

    that or a complete lack of home training. i could see that too.

    anyway, catholicism isn't weirder than practically anything mormons and scientologists do.

    there were human sacrifices in some religions

    animal sacrifices in the old jewish religion...i dont think they do that anymore

    there's witch doctors

    OMG THERE'S A JEDI CHURCH????? i think i found my new pursuit. i've ALWAYS wanted to be a jedi. i admit though, eventually i'm going to turn sith. may the force be with me though. can't wait til i make my own lightsaber.

    if catholicism is weird and it's trappings are silly, then i guess most western secular music is also weird considering the catholic influence can still be seen within it today.

    at the very least in the FACT that we now write music down instead of orally passing it down from generation to generation

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    anyway, catholicism isn't weirder than practically anything mormons and scientologists do.

    That doesn't make it any less strange, silly or weird.

    As an ex Catholic...I stand by that....Just as a nearly JW I stand by the fact that the WTS is strange silly and weird too...

  • minimus

    Mormonism and Scientology is weird too, fyi.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Seeing firsthand how the Catholic church has amassed great wealth in creating ornate palaces to themselves instead of following Jesus' example of helping the poor and sick, it has done the opposite of inspiring me to see the 'church' as anything more than what I see the WTS... money grubbing, power wielding control freaks.

    Translation: [ALL] Religion is a Snare & A Racket


  • james_woods

    Well, without comment on the religious aspects, I would have to say that the Pope-Mobile is a pretty weird creation - given that Rome is in Italy, and that Italy created the Ferrari, the Maserati, and the Lamborghini.

  • minimus

    It's better than the Batmobile!

  • james_woods

    But not as good as the Oscar-Meyer wiener-mobile!!! Now THAT is American ingenuity.

    V.P. candidate Paul Ryan said on TV that he once got to drive the wiener-mobile

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