"8 Ways To Give Us Your Cash" - the desperation in the latest Watchtower is tangible!

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  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Cedars or BITB, how 'bout uploading and posting a link so others can have a copy, too? There must 1,000's of family members of JWs who would find it useful to have to show to lawyers and non-JW family members, so if you don't have webspace to host it, I can.

  • Hillary

    What it the best way to broach the subject with parents to find out if they're leaving their money and their house to the WTS? I never discussed any kind of estate matters with them. Don't want to appear greedy. Plus they're only in their 60's. I've never been baptized but was raised in borg from age 9 to 19.

  • cedars

    King Solomon (and anyone else interested) - I've now uploaded the brochure to jwsurvey.org, so you can download it for a limited period on this link.

    Hillary - I suppose every family is different, but in my experience honesty and transparency is always the best policy. Every grown adult should be able to discuss Will arrangements with their parents in a mature way without being accused of greed. I would simply say you've been thinking about life and mortality a lot recently, and you were wondering what their plans were for when they die? You can also say you've heard stories of people having been duped into bequething their estates to unworthy institutions rather than family members, and you wouldn't mind some reassurances that they have everything in hand. Just a few ideas for you!


  • King Solomon
    King Solomon


    Thanks. I've mirrored the PDF HERE.

    The WTBTS really pull a fast one by quoting Proverbs 3:9 (and would anyone expect less? It's par-for-the-course, a typical WTBTS manuever). They take a scriptural reference to the principle found in Mosaic Law for offering the "first fruits" as a sacrificial gratitude (Minchah) offering to God, which is supposed to be a percentage of one's income from a harvest. They instead turn that into asking for the WHOLE enchilada, asking for all accumulated wealth....

    It's worthwhile checking out the parallel translations on this one at bible-cc:


    From Clark's commentary:

    Honor the Lord with thy substance - The ???? Minchah or gratitude-offering to God, commanded under the law, is of endless obligation. It would be well to give a portion of the produce of every article by which we get our support to God, or to the poor, the representatives of Christ. This might be done either in kind, or by the worth in money. Whatever God sends us in the way of secular prosperity, there is a portion of it always for the poor, and for God's cause. When that portion is thus disposed of, the rest is sanctified; when it is withheld, God's curse is upon the whole. Give to the poor, and God will give to thee.


    It's an act of compassion to inquire about their short- and long-term retirement plans: my parents have already laid their plans out on the table for all family to know about, and my Dad even showed us where the legal documents are in the event of an accident, etc.

    You might mention about the messes that you've read about in the newspaper when people don't make their wishes known, whether healthcare or otherwise, and relate how it's a bit uncomfortable to talk about, but you've realized you don't know what is to happen if they should be hospitalized, unconscious, incapacitated, etc, so it's important so as to know what their wishes and plans are...

  • Balaamsass

    It is amazing how poorly the Holy Spirit directs them with market timing for the realestate and Hedge funds. If Jehovah is the revealer of secrets to them why doesn't he just give the Treasure's office some Stock tips?

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Compare with the account at Acts 4:32-37 where the early Christians sold their assets in order to distribute the proceeds to the needy. How much does the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society give to the needy?

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