"8 Ways To Give Us Your Cash" - the desperation in the latest Watchtower is tangible!

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  • fakesmile

    i love jwisms the jonadab class...jonadab a little deeper into ur pocketbook

  • ziddina

    OOOOOO, this looks like my kind of thread!!!

    I've been fascinated by that "Charitable Planning to Benefit Kingdom Service Worldwide" booklet ever since I first heard about it!!!

    [Zid goes to start of thread and reads with rapt attention...]

    erudite dragon

  • ziddina
    "Fakesmile, clean up the potty mouth please. This is a family-friendly site...." King Solomon, page 2, post #1246
    "Farkel, don't try to defend a clear violation of posting rule 3.
    I wanted to send a link to this thread to colleagues, but now probably will shy away from doing so, as some people in this World actually DO find vulgarity and crude language gratuitous and needlessly offensive...." King Solomon, page 2, post #1253

    Reminds me of a Lewis Black quote - when he was invited to entertain George W. Bush and audience during some White House reporters' roast...

    He said [paraphrasing...], "These are the people who stand between us and the bloodthirsty Al Quiada, but the word "shit" makes them cry...!!! 'Why didn't he say 'poopy'? Whyyyyyyy didn't he say 'pooooopy'?!!!!!"

    I guess we'll all have to use childish euphemisms just in case King George - er, K.Solomon - finds it distasteful...

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Hillary said:

    Is it safe to say that my JW parents will be leaving the majority of their money to the WTS and not to my sibling and I, even though we were never baptized but we did grow up in the religion? Have a good relationship now. One parent is very hard core. The other parent kind of just defers to the hard core parent.

    There's no way to know, but to broach the subject with them...

    I guess we'll all have to use childish euphemisms just in case King George - er, K.Solomon - finds it distasteful...

    Ziddina, I don't make or enforce the rules here. If it's like most forums, users are generally expected to self-censor. I posted within the 30 min time-frame so he could go in and remove a single sentence that added nothing to his message but profanity to avoid violating the rules, but it seems he didn't catch it in time: oh, well. He apologized, as he realized it was needlessly offensive, but a few of you want to keep the OT rant going as a thinly-disguised ad hominem against me.

    Duly noted that you've added absolutely NOTHING, NADA, relevant to the thread.

  • ziddina

    Simon must be so thrilled to hear that you are now policing his forum...

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Ziddina said:

    Simon must be so thrilled to hear that you are now policing his forum...

    Reading comprehension not your strong suit?

    I said above:

    Ziddina, I don't make or enforce the rules here.

  • ziddina

    Not to drag this thread too far off-topic...

    But I was reading at a high-school level when I was 7 years old, and my I.Q. is in the top 12%....

  • WTWizard

    Also, the debit and credit card machines at the a$$embly hells. This is a nice way to run up long term debt, usually at rates approaching 20%. You see the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger dissuading people from attending college, and I view student debt as the sole legitimate objective against college at this time. However, when you are being hounded to go into credit card debt with interest rates around 20% to donate, you are defeating the purpose of not going to college. You get the debt, which can grow out of control, and you get nothing in return. At least with college, you gain better knowledge and experience on living without your parents.

    There is no way I would ever give to the point of hardship, no matter how much they preach. It is wrong to expect a young couple to rack up a debt principal equivalent to a monster box of silver, or more, just to give it to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund, which is going to bear interest for the banks. That straps the couple for cash from that point on, for nothing. Later, when they can't pay their debts, they are hounded to go deeper in debt for ongoing donations. "You were able to give us a monster box of silver last month, thus you should be able to afford another monster box of silver's worth this month. Yet, we received nothing. This is a sure sign of not trusting in Jehovah, and he will destroy you along with the other faithless people if you don't rectify this." And what happens when they can't get any more credit? They continue pushing for more donations.

    If they want donations, why don't they instead worry about providing value? Usually, people will donate according to the value they receive from a service. Yes, you get a certain number of freeloaders. However, on average, donations will be on par with the value of the service. If they get value (in the form of spiritual advancement, enlightenment, solutions and answers to problems, and so on), they are more inclined to donate. If they get rubbish, they aren't going to donate anything. Also, donations should never plunge anyone into debt. Even if you "commit" to a monthly donation to this organization, it should always be with the understanding that personal hardship is grounds to reduce or eliminate your donation--if Jehovah is so damn helpless that he can't even maintain your living standard and demands your faith while you go into debt, he doesn't deserve anything.

  • cedars

    The resourcefulness of this community never ceases to amaze me. This morning I woke up to find a PDF version of "Charitable Planning to Benefit Kingdom Service Worldwide" in my inbox! Whichever one of you is "Michael" - you have my sincere thanks!

    Anyway, here is the front cover...

    cover charitable planning

    Notice the couple in the centre image, and then notice them again on page 5...

    wealthy dubs

    The transformation is astonishing! The couple have morphed from regular publishers at the kingdom hall to uber-wealthy investors, the types who will wear a suit with no shirt!! This is the kind of "secret millionaire" the Watchtower Society loves and has written this brochure for.

    I also picked up on a few of the comments about the Society saying it never solicits for money. Well, this brochure is 33 pages long (and goes into excruciating detail with examples of amounts that might be donated) so the Society clearly feels it needs LOTS of pages to explain in detail HOW and WHY publishers should surrender their fortunes.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    ‘Charitable Planning To Benefit Kingdom Service WorldwideThe Governing Body’

    Really! Thirty Three (33) pages long! This brochure is despicable and offensive!

    And to think that Jesus Christ had nowhere to lay his head. While his 'Faithful Slave' live high on the Hog!

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