Candace Conti's Attorney Takes the Stage

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  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Rick Simons takes the stage and tells why the Candace Conti lawsuit was the right case at the right time against the Watchtower.

    This is the first of at least three videos documenting Mr. Simons' presentation on July 14, 2012.

    Last segments of this program should be up within a few hours.


  • Bangalore

    Thanks John.


  • cofty

    Thanks that was very informative. Look forward to the rest of the series.

  • Soldier77

    Thank you for sharing, I'm sending this on to family still in.

  • cedars

    VERY interesting. I notice that in Rick's comments he directly refutes the appeal claims of the Watchtower that the lawsuit was aimed solely at changing doctrine.

    He's on the ball.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks so much Juan Viejo2


  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    This is so wonderful on so many levels.

    Thanks for sharing.

    This will help immeasurably with my efforts to free a few specific members of my family.

    When I left i was pressed for a reason and one I offered was my complete disagreement and disgust with how we (JWs) handle child abuse cases.

    These people could not and would not accept what I was telling them to be true. Now it has been fully exposed and fully been conceded by the WT to be true.

    This will more than make them stop to pause and think.

    This will lead to their exit from a mind control cult.

    Thank you Candace.

    Thank you Rick.

    Truly a landmark case against a corrupt and foolish religion.

    The Oracle

  • panhandlegirl

    Thanks for the video. I am also sharing it with members of my family still in the organization.


  • Gayle

    Thank you so very much for getting this on YouTube, Juan.

    It is so disgustingly amazing how the WTS on their site referred to this case, that the charge was not their fault in any way, yet in Court, their lawyer admitted that Candace got what she wanted for the policy to change and that 'now' the WTS is "evolving" on this issue.

    Certainly, the upcoming elders school/meeting will be about this 'new light' (enforced by law, Caesar).

  • Dagney

    Thank you for posting.

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