Candace Conti's Attorney Takes the Stage

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  • sizemik

    Great vids . . . thanks.

    I like the way this guy keeps the issues outside of a religious context and simply dealt with their secular social responsibility.

    There is no religious issue . . . just a systemic failure to protect the innocent. Candace's violations were 100% preventable . . . and a direct result of their abysmal failures in this respect. You can't spin it any other way.

  • iamwhoiam

    Size...I agree with you 100%. Great Post!!

  • Refriedtruth
  • jamiebowers

    My mother was studying to be a jw, and her husband was very opposed. She was running to the elders over every little thing in her life, and I'm certain that her husband molesting me was one of the things she confided in them. What is simply amazing to me is that they covered up for a child molester who wasn't even a jw. Anyway, when Simons said that Evelyn Kendrick was blamed by the elders for her daughter's molestation, because she wasn't having enough sex with her molester husband, I almost fainted. That is the exact excuse my mother used for her husband. She told me that because they were fighting so much over the "truth" they weren't having sex. So, of course, the natural recourse was for her husband to grab his 12-year old stepdaughter, force her onto a bed, and try to rape her. I fought him with a vengence, and he was not able to rape me. I got away from him, but the damage was done anyway. I spent the next 14 years wondering what was so vile about me that my mother's husband would attempt something like that.

    And here's the kicker. He became a jw, and make no mistake about it, he was NOT supervised. He eventually became an elder and has spent a large portion of time with a relative on my mom's side of the family from the time she was a small child. She even spent summers at their house, for Christ's sake! I have no idea if he molested any other children.

    This cult is sick, sick, sick. And if the Watch Tower can't be held legally responsible for their corrupt advice to families where child molestation has occured, then I hope the molested child's guardian can be pursued and prosecuted. It's too late for me. I already checked, and the statute of limitations on a criminal case against my molester and/or my irresponsible, neglectful mother has expired. But as far as I'm concerned, they and people like them deserve to be put in jail.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Wowzers! This should be manditory viewing for all baptismal candidates.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Thanks for posting these.

  • soft+gentle

    eagerly waiting for part 7

  • wasblind

    Anytime a Religion numbs a mothers natural instinct to protect her young. It's a CULT

    I've seen disfellowshipped children who's circumstances were made worst

    because they were tossed out

    Young girls who got pregnant tossed out, instead of guided not to make the same mistake

    by the time they come back into the fold they have a truck load of kids

    and only come back out of desparation

    Young men tossed out turn to drugs or commit suicide

    these children are not guided wit love, but prodded like cattle

    to do the biddin' of the WTS

    BTTT just a rant


  • flipper

    I really liked the way Rick Simons put forth the point that the WT society attorney justified the WT society by the statement they acted allegedly " responsible " saying that the elders removed Kendrick as a ministerial servant as if it was enough to protect children from this child molester. Wrong. Kendrick STILL had access to children as a " rank & file " member and was around JW children as well as calling at people's doors in the territory in field service giving him access to potential child victims there as well. I really liked the way Simons brought these points out. This guy is pretty cool as well as a great attorney. I'm glad Candace found him and he was a great help to her ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • iamwhoiam

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