Candace Conti's Attorney Takes the Stage

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  • flipper

    Thanks again Juan Viejo for posting these youtubes. Amazing how idiotic the WT attorneys were and will probably continue to be. They just don't get it as Rick Simon's stated. When the JW attorney asked Candace how many times she had been molested and she replied , " 5 - 10 times " and then the WT attorney stated that " at least it wasn't 100 times " or something of that nature - then Rick Simon's used that to retort that " even one time is one too many " - it told you all you need to know about how the WT society minimizes and still doesn't get how serious these sexual child molestation cases are. As Simon's stated, " they haven't learned their lesson yet and will need to be taught a lesson again and again until they get it "

  • jgnat

    I am so proud of Candace, of her generation. When dedicated to a cause, no mountain is tall enough.

  • Farkel


    : The "Two Witness" rule is protected by the first amendment.

    Uh, what? By that "logic" so is the "Three Witness" rule and the "100,000 Witness" rule.

    I would like you to show where in the first amendment to the US Constitution that applies. It certainly isn't the freedom of speech plank in that amendment. As to the religions plank, the first amendment only states that congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of any religion.

    So, where is the "Two Witness" rule protected by the first amendment?

    However, if you are talking about the first amendment to the Watchtower Printing and Lying Corporation's Corporate Charter (as amended per new light), then I humbly apologize.


  • soft+gentle

    waiting for part 8

  • flipper

    An important thread to be bumped up

  • Retrovirus

    Excellent videos; thank you, Juan V.

    In the second Q&A (I think) Rick says that the Catholic bishops agreed among themselves not to settle any more pedophile victim cases with gag orders. The WT is fine with continuing this policy.

    Anyone who donates the smallest amount to the WT and knows of these issues, or even that these videos exist, should have a deeply troubled conscience.


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