Watchtower's New "Toy Story" - What Parents Need To Know

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  • cedars

    puffthedragon -

    Cedars do you comment or reddit/r/exjw from time to time?

    Sadly, no. I seem to remember commenting on "healingxjws" a while back. The truth is, as wonderful as many of these forums likely are, I can only spread myself so thinly!! This forum seems to have the monopoly on visitor numbers, so I prefer to keep things simple and just stick around here. It's lazy, but it works.


  • puffthedragon

    I understand. I just wondered since you linked it. There are a few there who really helped me when I was first starting to see the light.

  • VM44

    Thought Control!

    Why does The Watchtower want to inculcate(*) a deep desire within people (children in particular) to "please" an invisible Jehovah?

    Answer: It is the basis of their power!

    (*) Definition of Inculcate. Instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction.

  • 00DAD

    Cedars: I truly feel that, if watched repeatedly by little ones, it could seriously weaken their critical thinking skills in the long term.

    JWs are not supposed to HAVE Critical Thinking skills. This is by design!

    Blondie: How many Disney movies can you think of with witches or magic as a theme?

    Almost all of them!

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton


    You ought to send that link to a few news forums, like Huffington.

    I think it may get some coverage.

    Still annoyed. I wish I hadn't seen it. Ruined my day.

  • cedars

    Diana - I know what you mean. I saw the videos just before going to bed on Sunday night, and they put me in a really foul mood. I think they tap into disturbing childhood memories in many of us who were raised as JWs. I will see about emailing the huffington post as you advised. I emailed a number of media contacts with the actual YouTube link yesterday, but have heard nothing. I suppose they have their own news agenda to pursue. It's very rare that anything JW-related, no matter how shocking, grabs their attention.


  • wasblind


    The witnesses in the KH I attended, did a yearly trek to disney

    and from the looks of the pics they brought back, those kids

    enjoyed seein' the characters associated in the films which contained magic

    How dare the sister that studied wit me tell me what to throw out

  • wasblind

    Hey cedars ,

    I wonder what would a child psycologist say about that dvd

    that's who need to evaluate that, and then give a professional critique

  • jamiebowers

    I've emailed Cedars my comments from home just as I posted them on the blog last night. I don't know why my ISP would be associated with spam.

  • cedars

    wasblind - as has been commented, a child psychologist would probably fall over if they saw this film!! However, I've found it difficult enough getting "critical reviews" from child abuse charities re. the Society's child protection policies. I can imagine getting a professional opinion on this film from a psychologist would be just as problematic (not to mention costly) although anyone is welcome to try.

    jamiebowers - I'm sure it's nothing personal. Believe it or not, I've been "shunned" from the website myself before due to my IP address, and I'm the founder!! lol Unfortunately, that's the price we pay for keeping a secure website - these security programs can be notoriously picky.

    Please could you try emailing your comment again to [email protected]? I can't see it in my inbox. I'd like to put it up for you.


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