Watchtower's New "Toy Story" - What Parents Need To Know

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  • cedars

    It seems that "Sparlock-mania" is definitely waning.

    Here is a graph showing visitors to my blog article:

    unique visitors

    The "601" was Monday 28th, when I first wrote the article. The incredible "1,828" was the day after. Since then the visitor numbers have steadily declined. I believe this is evidence that those who are most interested in Sparlock and the new DVD are the ones frequenting this forum, or ex-jws who regularly keep updated with JW-related developments online. Obviously, there is only a finite number of such ones (who keep tabs on these things on a regular basis), hence the reason why the numbers are now dropping to near how they were before the article was released.

    However, there is reason for hope!

    Each day, people arrive on the website through nothing other than "googling" keywords related to the DVD or the convention.

    Take a look at the following graphic:


    As you can see, a healthy number of the inbound keywords are related to the 2012 convention, or convention releases. I believe many of these will be active JWs who are curious about what the new releases will be, or want to be "in the know" once their convention comes around.

    Visits from such ones may be a mere trickle compared to the numbers who flooded to the article when it was first released, but it's a trickle nonetheless. If my article can educate even a handful of parents about the harmful effects of the video, or result in just one impressionable child not seeing the video who otherwise would, then I would consider that "mission accomplished".


  • Chariklo

    1,828 at its peak.

    Is that 1,828 different people, i.e. from different commputers, or a smaller number of people with some individuals returning many times?

    Or even kind of staying on it but clicking around in different places causing a reload?

    I'm not clear in my mind what constitutes a unique visit.

    Finally...someone found your blog article via a search for "bssb graduate"? How? Why? My mind is boggling....?

    Edit: Oh, second finally ...are these Google's own stats?

  • cedars

    Hi Chariklo

    Yes, it's "unique visits", which is actual visitors rather than hits.

    The stats are provided by an independent program, not Google. However 87.2% of our inbound search engine traffic reaches us via Google.


  • Chariklo

    Cedars, I'm sending you a PM

  • cedars

    Ok, I'm waiting!


  • Jeffro


    Is this released in England/UK too?

    The DVD is being released systematically at JW conventions worldwide. Convention dates for any particular location can be found on the website:

    It's been particularly funny that some JWs have claimed that the video is 'an apostate hoax'. Of course, when they get their very own copy, most of them will suddenly change their tune about 'this loving provision from Jehovah'.

  • caliber

    Definition of Inculcate. Instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction. ~~~ VM44

    Another interesting point about the root word....

    Latin inculcatus, past participle of inculcare, literally, to tread on, from in- + calcare to trample, from calc-, calx heel

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