Simple answer, please! Scientifically explain the origin of life coming from nothing!

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  • Silent_Scream

    No one can ever go to a nicely built house and claim it literally came out of nowhere.

    I could take all the elements of the house (wood, metal, glass, etc) and find origins elsewhere, but to come together in something as well crafted and able to be utilized as a house, people would think I'm crazy if I said no one built it.

    There's no proof someone was there, cut the wood, put up walls, painted, etc, in a sense. The proof is in the building itself.

    Much less things as complicated as cells and DNA and many things around us.

    So, for some, it is completely logical and sensible to believe there is an intelligent designer. It's not "magic" as claims those who like to belittle the argument. Science to us is only a way of understanding the things around us and functions, not defining.

    Atheists may not agree, and that's fine. But it's not void of evidence as you all so claim. You just view evidence differently.

  • Silent_Scream

    Don't attack me.

    Provide an answer.

    And please reread my posts from previous page. This is supremely repititous and redundant.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    who is attacking you?

  • Silent_Scream

    Speaking only for myself it's like "I don't know how life got started, but I don't see any evidence for it being the work of an identifiable God" No contradiction. You are one in the few I've spoken too. Many of your peers have stated they don't know, but it wasn't "magic", referring to of course, a God. So they are not sure what it was, but they are sure what it wasn't. you can see some of this in this thread.

    Also, no valid reason for not questioning theistic claims.And it goes both ways. Thus, this thread...

  • Silent_Scream

    We don't know how life got here.

    What we do know, in detail, is the process by which simple life became complex life through random mutation and natural selection. So to me, the idea of simple life being formed under the right conditions is not hard to envision.

    You however, posit an magic man in the sky that popped life into existence.

    I claim nothing, instead I tacitly admit I don't know.

    You claim God, yet you supply no evidence of this, so therefore I reject your claim and have no reason to change from my initial position - Agnostic Atheism.

    If anything this thread should be the other way round.

  • Flat_Accent

    We keep telling you we don't know and you keep ignoring it.

    What are you trying to prove?

    DNA doesn't mean God created life. Scientists do not say DNA was the original life form on earth, for one. And when someone builds a house, they are merely changing the constitution of matter and rearranging the pieces of pre-existing materials to make something that we consider useful. The similarity is nonexistent. The creationist stance is not that god recombobulated matter to form living things, but that he spontaneously generated life from nothing.

    This argument is not a non-sequitur. If you can't find a valid reason to say life came from . . . 'nothing', it doesn't mean you jump onto the God bandwagon. It's also not wise to say because something is yet unknown that God did it. It's an argument from ignorance, and it's failed consistently for the last 5000+ years. Why would it start working now?

  • Silent_Scream

    Flat Accent provides no proof, simply straw manned me up.

    Flat Accent, I look to not change your position. But don't hypocritically tell me I supply no evidence when you clearly haven't either.

    That's my point! You have no answer for the OP yet you wish to condescend on belief in a Creator by referring to him as a "magic man in the sky".

    You might as well go back to the KH.

  • Flat_Accent


    You consider that an attack?

    Go outside dude, the cashier at Best Buy will be more fiesty than I am.

  • Berengaria


    I'd like to point out that this is yet another challenge instigated by a believer. Those believers who play the victim and accuse the unbelievers of attacking, should take note of the number of threads begun challenging them.

    And once again, atheism in NOT A BELIEF.

  • Flat_Accent

    I don't need to supply evidence, I'm not making the claim. That's the point.

    You make the claim God did it, I call BS and wait for science to figure out a proper answer.

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