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  • mrsjones5

    Just another button to push.

  • FlyingHighNow

    New Chapter, if you don't use the WT approach, you won't get called on it. Maybe you don't find it insulting so much as stingingly accurate and that's a hard thing to admit to yourself.

  • N.drew

    Permission given.

    Done...dodondon DONE

    Oh! Russia seems to be reading me. Too cool! Why would I care? I have no idea.

  • Qcmbr

    If an adult posits a childlike worldview at odds with reality and wishes to hide behind respect rather than accept the plain truth presented by a cold ammoral but real world so be it. But never ask me to dignify the nidiot by coughing politely and looking away while they dance on the coffee table and tell me that a talking snake and an invisible magician are fighting a soul war and that scientists are wrong about fact based reality such as evolutionary theory and geological processes.

    Knowledge must never bow the knee ever again to the superstitious and myths from the nightmares of human history.

    Believers are people of value as much as anyone but it doesnt stop their worldview from being worthless at best and debilitating at worst when they apply it to others problems. All a believer ever brings is argument and endless circular debate because they have no reality to offer and no , non magical woo, answers to how, why or what this universe is.

  • NewChapter

    No FHN. I don't even find it insulting. I think of it more as a cheap shot that some here are tempted to use. But we all have our pet cheap shots. It's just funny when someone thinks they are using such in a reasonable manner.

    Perhaps you think that you have some wisdom to share, and that you are offering painful yet helpful truths to help me see the error of my ways. You think you are handling this in a mature and reasonable way. I see it as merely passive/aggressive. And ironic. Always ironic. As you criticize my approach, and dislike that I view my ways as correct, you seek to pull me more in line with your own ways.

    So, no. I feel no stings. And if you are looking for me to say one way is just as okay as another way, I will give that to you. We are vastly different personalities, that will always approach debate differently. I have called no one names. I have called no one stupid. I have stuck by the things that I have said. I have acknowledged being snarky at times. I have been called a host of names. Recently I was told 'f**K you' by a hurt lilttle soul. I did not respond in kind--but simply told the person that this was unacceptable.

    So while my conviction may be distasteful to your sense of propriety, taking cheap shots will not further your cause. I hope that you can accept that your way is not the only right way, and that taking someone's fiery conviction as a personal attack is --- well---a shame.


  • N.drew
    because they have no reality to offer and no

    Wait a gosh darn minute, did you not read JohnathanH's post?

  • NewChapter

    WOW! Cofty and Q have chimed in with strong, unyielding opinions. They have unapologetically attacked the worldview of others, and even called those worldviews very negative things. Don't get me wrong, I like it very much. I'm just waiting for them to be called out by name by our more reasonable, mature members.


  • N.drew
    I hope that you can accept that your way is not the only right way

    I believe this is the root of the problem.

    Believers in Christ are waiting for the knock at their door, not your door, their door.

    Atheists say Jesus is never going to knock on your door.

    Believers say Jesus has not knocked on your door or if he did you did not open it.

  • cantleave

    Talk about a thread going off topic! Mr. Woods is always accussing people of doing that - it seems his post derailed this on eentirely!

  • cofty

    N.drew - Jesus is dead, sorry to break that to you.

    There is a prenicious idea that masquerades as reasonableness. Its the idea that opposing views can both be true.

    It took critical thinking skills and an ability to assess evidence at huge emotional cost to get us out of a mind-control cult. Now we are out some people thnk its a virtue to encourage others to abandon those same skills.

    An ex-JW believer has left the job half done. I set up camp for almost a decade and that's ok as long as you are still committed to the journey.

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