Apostates defeated once again.....

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  • Magi

    My guess is that they posted it so that the dubs will print their programs at home to save the Corporation the expense of printing and distributing programs at the Crapvention.

    Ooh, good point Billy. Maybe this is how they'll get the idea to have all literature in the future be printed out by one's own self.

  • sizemik
    I don't feel inclined to "dissect" anything concerning the WTBTS . . . Quandry

    Not even the odd GB member? ('odd' = all, btw)

    Although you may not find much . . . we already know they're witless, mindless, heartless, gutless and after hours probably legless.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    we've had a few brave souls jump on board lately and throw rocks from accross the street. Oh well I don't fault them. I'd have a bad attitude as well if I were socially shunned from one of the most socially dyfunctional religions in the world

  • talesin

    nananana,,, I LOVE your OPs,,, they remind me of Charley Brown's schoolteacher.



  • factfinder

    NOLAW- I am guessing a new publication for small children on Saturday!

    Thrilling, isn't it! LOL!

    Could be a brochure like the articles for children under 3 years of age the w has recently been featuring.

  • Shawn10538

    hahahahahahah !!! rofl, and that's the first time I ever used rofl!

  • cheerios

    you would think by now they would condense the program into a time and money saving format, sort of a DC for Dummies (oh wait, they already have that) .. DC for Corp Saving Money:

    • New Light: Intarnet isnt full of Demonz BUT ONLY if you go to www.wt.org\donate.htm
    • You are all worthless - donate here: www.wt.org\donate.htm
    • Worship the GB err we mean Jehoober - donate here: www.wt.org\donate.htm
    • WT now taking major credit cards - donate here: www.wt.org\donate.htm
    • Stop Masturbating - donate here: www.wt.org\donate.htm
    • Drama Summary: Young Person meets Weak person, masturbates, confesses, disciplined, loves jahover - donate here: www.wt.org\donate.htm
    • Needs of the Corp (a.k.a. GIMMEH ALL YER DAMN CASH LOLZ) - donate here: www.wt.org\donate.htm
    • Dont forget your donations: www.wt.org\donate.htm

    that is about the gist of EVERY convention i have ever been to, bar none.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Hi Nana, I am so sorry I was unable to pick you up from Atascadero State Hopsital (A.S.H) Saturday Morning. Cousin, don't take out your anger on the nice friendly folks on JWN, it's not their fault, it's my bad!

    You and your conversations with Sarah Conners, the stories we enjoyed sitting together, holding hands, I have to say, you really pulled off the Pajama look Nana! I hope you enjoy your three week hiatus from A.S.H., have fun at the Assembly and don't save any seats for me, I won't be making it this year, the first District Assembly is the hardest to miss, I will survive though!

    Say Hello to all the friends, don't burst their bubble, between you and me, you have been "Special Pioneering" where the "Need is Great!" Nobody has to know, it's a mental hospital, I can keep your secret!

  • JRK

    I don't dissect turds anymore. That is why I am out.


  • Jeffro

    The programme for the JW convention is, as always, quite unremarkable.

    All this thread really shows is that the person who started it has a strange obsession for mocking 'apostates'. In fact, it is exactly the kind of obsession (Strongs G3554, νοσεω , "to be taken with such an interest in a thing as amounts to a disease, to have a morbid fondness for") described at 1 Timothy 6:4, meaning that the poster is the one who is "mentally diseased".

    The poster should get a life.

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