What Are Some Musical Groups And/Or Songs That Everybody Liked But You?

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  • rocketman

    I'm not afraid to admit that I like The Monkees. Sure, they were put together as a U.S. response to The Beatles and didn't play on their early albums, and had that campy TV show. But they did have talent, and the recent passing of Davy Jones actually saddened me in a way that few celeb passings do.

    As for more of what I don't like, I forgot to mention hip-hop and Country. Now there are some artists who cross over to and/or from Country that do quite well. Elvis Country was a favorite of mine, and my favorite Elton John album is Tumbleweed Connection, which, while not quite Country, does evoke similar imagery and sound. And there are songs from the likes of Eddie Rabbit and Glenn Campbell that cross nicely into Pop.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Elton John


    Fleetwood mac with Nicks Buckingham



    jim croce

  • minimus

    I only liked the Beatles when they were gone on acid.

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