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  • Phizzy

    Vidqun mentioned the seeming prophecy about the Temple , Luke and Matthew were written long after its destruction, (long being on the basis of "a week is a long time in politics").

    Mark may just be a contender, but as the earliest date credible scholars give is after the 66CE show of force, this is not exactly great foresight, though if it could be proved to be such it would look a little impressive, the problem is that the evidence for a post 70CE date for the gospel of Mark is not without merit.

    Belief in the Bible as god's word on such tenuous evidence is not very good for basing your life on is it ?

    Ref Gen 3v15, of course this relies on making Jesus the fulfiller of this prophecy, which is almost in circular argument territory. Look at earlier threads by the great Leolaia and see how Matthew in his Gospel forced the Hebrew scriptures to seem as though Jesus fulfilled them.

    We do not yet seem to have asatisfactory example, as Cofty says , there should be many stunningly good examples.

  • tec

    Christ was prophecied... but you'd have to believe in Him to believe that it was Him who was prophecized about.

    I think the destruction of religion (christianity at least - the religion, not the faith) is prophecied. Not sure if any of us will still be around when that happens, mind you.

    I don't know all the others, but I don't think it can be proven that the prophecy came first, so there is no point bringing them up to those who want proof beyond any doubt.



  • N.drew

    It was wrong for me to call the son of man a farmer. I shall repent. Owner of the vineyard, I think that is what he is called. Carry on!

  • simon17

    Only thing that I can think of which is actually written before is for a certainty is the whole Christianity will be overrun by apostacy that creeps into the congregation which, with it mixing with Roman pagan religions on its fast track to the mainstream, is easy to see a 'fulfillment.' At best its a prophecy that is non-specific with many possible fulfillments, but that one is at least a pretty major, notable change.

  • Knowsnothing

    The other part of the temple destruction prophecy is that there wouldn't be left a stone upon a stone.

    With the exception of the Wailing Wall, that came to be. Jerusalem was utterly annihilated.

  • N.drew

    Matthew 22:2-5 the WTBTS has fulfilled.

    Think obvious.

    They were called twice. Interesting!

    The Bible is about souls, not bodies. The will of people, not the personalities.

    So they did seem to come, didn't they? But the Bible is about coming around to the right hand of the son. They did not do that. Some go away to their "field", means their OWN understanding of HOW. Some went away to their "business" meaning the work of keeping the Society "organized". Some mistreated him and some killed him.

    Mistreating by saying "I will" but don't.

    Killing by becoming them who need another sacrifice.

  • Phizzy

    When was "not a stone shall be left upon a stone" written ? It is in Mark 13 , but this apocalyptic has been much studied by scholars, and that bit particularly is thought to be written after 70C.E

    What are you thinking of simon17 ? that "wolves in sheeps clothing" will appear ? that was written way after various schisms and an incipient Gnosticism had already appeared, hardly a prophecy.

    What we cannot do here, is take words that are put into the mouth of Jesus decades after his death, and the events covered by the words, and call them prophecies, they are not.

  • EntirelyPossible

    So, none so far? There are no ironclad prophecies in the bible that came to pass that are undisputable from what I am seeing. There is some evidence the prophecies took place after the event, ones that are "true" if you take some vague text about a non-specific bad thing happenening to an unnamed place and overlay it to another event and some stuff about "prople will disagree over the doctrine" (which was already going on from the beginning), pretty much stating that was was happening was going to happen.

  • N.drew

    How do I know that?

    A king will call his own to a marriage feast. So the scripture does not mean the king called any one who might come, even though that is how it became. Think obvious!

    And why would the feast be prepared in case someone might come?

    So there were friends in line to come, but they didn't come in the sense of coming in righteousness. They did not heed the call to the feast. Because they are to busy.

  • myelaine

    daniel 12:1

    love michelle

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