Is there one Bible Prophecy.....

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  • Phizzy

    in the form of a prediction, that can be proven to truly be a prediction,i.e written before the event, and it came true ?

    It would be good not to have time wasters on this thread in the form of the common ones that are brought up to demonstrate the Bible's prophetic prowess, like Cyrus being named , these have been debunked already.

    But does there seem to be a genuine prophecy in there somewhere ?

  • cofty

    If the bible is inspired it ought to have some stunningly good examples. I look forward to reading about them...

  • Phizzy

    So do I Cofty, but as I don't believe there is even one that stands scrutiny this may turn out to be a Tumbleweed thread.

    If so, all the "Bible is the word of God " brigade can just shut the ***k up and stop saying it is.

  • finallysomepride

    nothing yet

  • Mebaqqer2

    Well if you ask Larsinger58 I am sure there are many prophecies concerning him that have yet to be debunked in his mind.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I see something coming!! Here's it comes!......(rustle, rustle, rustle)

    Ok false alarm, just some tumbleweed blowing through.

    (Twiddles thumbs, scratches arse, adjusts bollocks....) still waiting.

  • finallysomepride


    you will scare them off

  • Vidqun

    An alltime favorite of mine is the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

  • Fernando

    Gen 3:15?

    On a side note - a prophecy is a message. Therefore Gen 1:1 is the first prophecy in the Bible. Some prophecies are "messages of prediction" and Gen 3:15 is the first of this type in the Bible.

  • N.drew

    I have seen a hundred, more or less, prophesies revealed. They are all done to define SPIRITUAL things. You couldn't see them if you tried. And nobody* even spiritual people believe me, so then it's funny. If I wasn't alone, I might think it not funny. Because it's big, bad and scary. But now it's funny. Haha

    *I shall forgo the puncuation in honor of Hebrew. How bout that?

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