Are you sure leaving is a wise decision ?- Lurkers think twice- Part 2

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  • cantleave

    Why do you use our terminology - "borg" mank?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I was reading through this thread for the first time and was planning to comment and address some of the OP's statements, then I got to this gem of divinely inspired ignorance:

    What is the credibility of that survey?, I cant vouch for a survey that reflect a figure of "1" for JWs living together without marriage. Look it up and ask yourself if that is a typical lifestyle of the JWs.

    Anyone who both doesn't know the credibility of Pew Research and doesn't have the ambition to google it for himself isn't going to listen to anything Mad Sweeney has to say.

    Best part of the thread was seeing the joy and innocence of Leaving's daughter and her Halloween pumpkin. Our family's happiness both present and future is worth any ostracism or emotional pain that leaving the Borg might give us.

  • poppers

    Who gave you the audacity to suggest a ban on me?.

    Who gave you the audacity to tell lurkers how to follow their conscience? If they want to be here that's their right; only they know their reason for coming here, and for you to say they would be better off staying with "mother" and lead a life that goes against their own conscience is arrogant and demeaning.

    my pure motive is to keep lurkers away from information intended to undermine the credibility of the borg.

    The information is already all over the internet..Your well over a decade late,to put the Fire out..

    This is where the WBT$ used to keep their credibility..

    I doubt your bucket of water is going to help..

    ......................... ....OUTLAW

  • N.drew

    I want to know too. Why say borg? Why?


    It said Borg because it`s a troll..

    Pro-WBT$ JW`s would never use that word..

    It probably has some connection to JW`s but it never was a JW..

    It`s probably Alice..

    ......................... ....OUTLAW

  • NewChapter

    LOL, I've always loved that Alice picture.

  • thetrueone

    thetrueone - I get your point, but don't lets deceive people with the intention that happy times are ahead once you are out of the Borg.

    What happiness is attained by people once leaving this decisively corrupt religious publishing cult is realizing how it operates, how it lures people to it

    and what kind of damage it can cause people who have invariably indulged themselves in it.

    Sure there are unstabling emotions once someone starts researching this particular Cult and how it was formed on lies on made upon pretentious

    public appeal. The strong indoctrination by the WTS. of how to think and what to think by the created discretionary doctrines takes a while

    to funnel out of ones personal consciousnesses, but once its been replaced by Truth, knowledge and the endeavor to be honest, the WTS. programing

    disappears completely.

    If your not compelled toward truth and honestly and you have a wanting desire to cover yourself with a pretentious sheet of

    righteousness is your only wanting concern, then your most likely going to stay a JWS. The corrption, ignorance and the staid pretentiousness of what

    created this religion also smothers over the people who have attached themselves to it and defines the character of these individuals.

    It takes a strong sense of courage to accept that responsibility to oneself as well as to stand firm on your own two feet

    rather than lean on a proverbable crutch that religion offers or provides.

    What kind of person are you Mankkeli ?

  • jgnat

    Mankkeli, your observation is flawed. Discussion board members are a small subset of exiting witnesses, and not all will confess (success or failure) of their life after the WTS.

    This bald statement concerns me - "We all know that the rate of divorce is way much higher outside than in the borg." My literature studies indicate that divorce rates among the witnesses are the same as the regular population. Also, contrary to popular belief, divorce rates overall are dropping. In fact, in nearly every indicator, Jehovah's Witnesses are the same as their worldly brothers. The only sharp indicator is that they have a generally lower educational achievement and consequent lower income.

    Why counsel lurkers to remain with a familiar - but oppressive - organization? I have noted that after awakening, some choose to remain for various reasons. Others are driven by an overwhelming desire to break free. Their progression - often painful - reminds me of the modern homosexual's awakening. My gay friend says the transition must be taken with care. There is a danger of suicide, as the person contemplates losing friends and family. Should the danger of suicide silence the homosexual who yearns to openly express themselves in a free society? The dangers are known, yet gay pride grows.

    I say, inform, express. Give people permission to speak their minds in an open forum. Knowing the dangers, let them make their own minds if they want to leave or how they leave. Become a nominal Witness, subvert from within, quietly fade, move away, or leave with a bang. Part of the joy of the awakening is to choose what to do with the information.

  • Heaven

    What kind of person are you Mankkeli ?

    Mankkeli is an oppressor. And there is only one result from oppression..... Revolution.

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