Are you sure leaving is a wise decision ?- Lurkers think twice- Part 2

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  • 00DAD

    MANKKELI: "I get your point, but don't lets deceive people with the intention that happy times are ahead once you are out of the Borg."

    How about "Lets deceive people with the intention that happy times are ahead once you are IN of the Borg."

    That's so much better isn't it? Not!

  • N.drew

    Nails on blackboard The Field Service

  • Balaamsass

    Does it have to be all or nothing......? Over the years I have known a few dozen Jehovahs' Witnesses who have employed "Theocratic Stratigy". They have moved out of state, outside the circuit,.and faded or became "irregular". A new unlisted telephone number, caller ID, parking the car in the garage Saturday, a picket fence, and a cheap P.O. box were helpful in finding peace on Saturday mornings. They visit with friends and family on a regular basis. Attend the Memorial, a half-day of an assembly and an infrequent Sunday meeting. These "Weak JWs" seem much happier than ones who publicly speak out and loose family and friends..hey, the family and friends NOW get to count service TIME sharing a pitcher of beer and pizza with them !! When the Elders eventually do visit. They just are home but hiding- or answer the door caughing "sick" in a robe..ohh brother I would love to have you in but we are so SICK. Give us a call first.. next ya Bye ! :)

    I want to thank all the members who post on this site. For a while we were lurkers. When users spelled out WATCH TOWER or JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES the posts showed on my Google Alerts. In years past we thought WE must be crazy, because so many things obviously made no rational or Biblical sense..yet we were surrounded by thousands of true believers seemingly in happy lockstep. It is comforting to come here and realize we are not crazy. My wife is the happiest she has been in years..for that we THANKYOU!.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The logic seems to be that we should order our lives around fear of WT retribution. Good Germans. Rather than conforming our conduct to unconsciable policies why doesn't the WT conform its conduct to moral standards around the world. This thread is very troubling.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Here in Northern Europe, we have received reports of many ex-Jws who terminated their lives because of the difficulty of coping in the outside world.

    No, if you're talking about J** C*****, he wasn't an ex-JW. He was one that got sent out of bethel during the downsizing and killed himself because bethel was all he ever knew and couldn't handle coping with the outside world. When we're shipped out of bethel we have no unemployment, no insurance, no work references. I know 4 others that killed themselves while they were JWs in good standing. Another killed himself after he was disfellowshipped.

    I was suicidal while I was a JW, and had a $100 per month anti-depressant expense... remember, no health insurance after bethel. Leaving hasn't been "easy", but it's a far better life outside that mess. I haven't needed anti-depressants for years now.

    Since I have experiences as a Watchtower proofreader, let me help with this paragraph from the OP:

    Ask yourself, ["]What kind of Life do did reknowned atheist like Richard dawkins led [Watchtower founder Charles Taze Russell have]?["], r[R]ead up on his personal life on wikipedia[.] He couldnt even keep a marriage responsibly [as he was too occupied with the maid, measuring pyramids, and making wacky false prophecies].What about Stephen Hassan "Judge" Rutherford?(The messiah for ex-JWs), h[H]ow is [was] his personal life, have you researched it[ and found out about his wife, son, and "nurses" who had no medical experience? Were they examplary figures to follow [that proved to be true prophets]?, does Is it really worth throwing away what you currently have [a personal search for freedom, happiness, and meaning in your life?], y[Y]ou should know where you will be heading if you read their [Watchtower] books [that are constantly updated with "new light" that armageddon is getting farther away from 1914 all the time] and view them as some kind of legend. Please, dont make rash decisions, examine the destination of the journey before you embark on it?

    I think I caught most of the errors. I would really recommend that you attend a local community college and take a course in... well... about anything. You seem to be completely clueless when it comes to anything real.

  • shamus100

    Ouch Billy. That truth hurts mang.

    There, better already.



  • shamus100

    I need a band-aid that has the watchtower logo, SVP and merci beaucoupe.


  • Heaven

    B the X, that was awesome!

  • shamus100

    Nobody bitch-slaps like B the X.

    A real bethelite. ;D

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