Victoria, Australia: Report on Oct. 11th hearing involving Steven Unthank

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  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Gayle
  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    Bumping this thread considerng the latest news on the FDS. Page 1 has the Society legal argument that the FDS doesn't exist as a person or as a body of persons.

  • aposta-Z

    Touché Red Piller! So now we know to to direct the lawsuits to.

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    That's what I think too, aposta-Z!

  • Warren Jamesahaha
    Warren Jamesahaha

    Hi. I wanted to read the documents from but as we all know the site is long gone.

    I am not sure if any of you are aware of the Wayback Machine. Put in the URL of your dead link and choose a date that has a snapshot and read away. At least we can still get at the information.

    This link is for 30 Dec 2011..

    The last good snapshot before the site goes down was on 30 Jan 2013
    Redirects then went to the .org site. which went down after May 17 2014.

  • smiddy3

    People you are forgetting that this lawsuit by Steven Unthank took place 7 years ago and was eventually dismissed by the court some two years or so later as not being in the public interest or some such thing

    Its not still going on.

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