I just can't do this anymore

by Awen 82 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jay88

    The requisite to having a notion about Christ is word of mouth and the bible,.....

    For once show me a person who has never hear of Christ, who was not cultivated with the idea of Christ,... learn about him through means of holy spirit(no interference from man), meaning the bible or word of mouth.

    Friend of Fred

  • N.drew

    If I get myself another bottle of wine, I might say "cry baby". I've been wanting to.

  • Awen

    @ Tammy

    Yes I do feel tired and frustrated.

    Every few weeks or months I feel the need to reaffirm what I believe. Over and over in a never ending quest for answers. No matter what I discover I seem to always want more. I wish I could just find a happy place and be content. But my nature is to question everything and it never seems to be enough.

    I'm just so weary of this.

  • talesin

    After reading your OP, I just wanted to say 'you are NOT stupid'. There are many paths to tread when we are seeking truth. Your analysis of religions, and their similarities, is remarkably similar to my own experience. I actually read a book years ago, comparing the 'seven main religions', which pointed out the similarities in basic doctrine.

    Take care, and remember, 'truth seeker' is an honorable label.

    admiring your humility,,,


  • tec

    I'm sorry Awen. I really am. I can give you all sorts of advice... stop worrying; just live the spirit of Christ and stop worrying so much about what is right, what is true. Just take comfort in Him for a while, without the urgency to find all the answers. Eternity is a long time, and we barely see a blink of it in our lifetimes. We don't have to have all the answers, or understand all the answers. It IS okay not to know. Sometimes faith is simply following someone we love, even though we don't understand it all. Sometimes even when we don't understand anything. Just live in love and kindness to one another... and love as Christ loved us (as He said). Show some mercy and forgiveness to yourself as well. And ask Him to grant you peace - you don't have to ask for answers or things that you think will grant you peace. He knows better than we know what we need.

    May you be granted that peace, and embrace it when you have it,


  • ohiocowboy

    Awen, I am a "Don't know" person too. It gets really frustrating at times too, as I'm sure you are aware. All I can say is to search your heart, and be open to other viewpoints. Actually, Aguest has a very strong faith, and her reasoning on things makes one think about things relating to God and to life in general. She has caused me to think again about a relationship with God, but I am still at the point that I just still "Don't know" about things, but at least I am considering the idea again because of her.

    Just know that you are not alone, and that many of us are "In the same boat". This board can be a good place, as there are so many different viewpoints you will be able to read about and come to some conclusions. Just be patient, and don't expect answers to come to you overnight.

    I wish you the best on your search!

  • Awen

    Thanks for all the kind replies.

    I think I'm gonna take a few days )or perhaps longer) away from these forums.

    I feel that I have possibly hindered some people from getting to know Christ by some of my posts and I feel quite badly about that.

    I don't know how I can continue posting here while my mind is in a turmoil. Or also how I can continue to post when I'm seemingly for Christ one moment and against him the next. it confuses people and they don't know where I stand on an issue.

    So thanks again for your kindness but I think I should take a break for a bit.



  • tec

    You should of course take whatever time you need.

    I don't think that honesty is ever a bad thing though. It is good for people to know that others have doubts, that they can carry on even through the worst of those doubts. Hiding from ourselves and from others is what hurts the most, I think.

    Much peace and love to you,


  • JRK

    I don't know, and I don't care either. It is actually a nice place to be.


  • Twitch
    I don't know, and I don't care either. It is actually a nice place to be.

    Ditto that. Just go with the flow.

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