Today's Watchtower Lesson Really Bothered Me...

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  • 00DAD

    The reasons people leave the WT Organization are many and varied. Some leave for one reason only, but most leave for several. It's usually just not that simple.

    But the completely dishonest thing about the WT is that it characterizes ALL who leave as wicked and as leaving Jehovah. I know personally that many leave to be CLOSER to Jehovah.

    It is equally dishonest to label the "leaver" as preferring his worldly lifestyle to a relationship with his family. That is just so much crap it's hard to hear it without getting angry. The fact is, it is the JWs that put these bogus conditions on the relationship. Virtually everyone that doesn't want to be a JW any longer would still love to freely associate with friends and family members that remain "captives to the concept." Let's place blame where it is due: it is the JWs that discontinue the relationship and shun, not the other way around.

    Their so-called "logic" is no different than that of any abuser that blames the victim for their abuse. It is shameful and wrong. The people that leave because they disagree and want to pursue their own lives free from the control-freaks in Brooklyn are the courageous ones.

  • lola-rabbit

    My "worldly" husband went with me this Sunday and I wanted to crawl under my seat. There must have been steam coming out of my ears too because he got up and said he would wait for me in the car. I had to stay with my parents, who did not understand his reaction to this article. That picture is disgusting, it looks as if they just murdered their son!!! Get up you idiots, your son needs parents not blinded, mentally controlled mourners! I don't know how much longer I could keep this up!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm not liking this at all as my wife attended meeting yesterday. Where can I get the article?

  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    I was wondering what people were going to say during this WT study, but my dad wasn't feeling well and we left after the public talk. I'm glad I wasn't there since I probably would've grabbed a mike and give a piece of my mind in front of everyone at the KH.

    I hate that picture on page 31. G*d forbid that your grown child finally obtain his own place and moves out! It really disgusts me that there's the automatic assumption that a child leaving the WT will turn into an HIV-infected drug addict with children born out of wedlock. Maybe he seeks better job opportunities that aren't available where the parents currently live. Maybe he wants to travel and immerse himself in other cultures without the burden of trying to convert people. Just because someone wants out of the WT doesn't mean that they want to binge drink, shoot up and have orgies.

  • 00DAD

    Ironic, compare the pic in this WT with the one on the back cover of the new "Shepherd the Flock" book:

    Caption: "Now son, always remember that I am here to lovingly Shepherd you as one of the Flock of God. However, as was brought out in today's WT study, if you or your mom or your dad EVER question or disagree with anything the WT publishes or anything that the Governing Body says as representatives of the FDS which of course represent Jesus who has been invisibly present since 1914 guiding with ever-increasing New Light the overlapping generations of anointed ones--or if you ever question or disagree with anything that I say as a 'spirit-appointed' representative of the representatives of the FDS .... then I will SHUN you like the mentally-diseased, apostate cretin that you are! And so will everyone else. Now don't hurt us that way."

  • 00DAD
  • 00DAD

    Ok, I have a PNG of the back cover, and when I paste it into this editing box I can see it, but it doesn't show up after I SUBMIT. Any suggestions?

  • mamalove

    Hole just got a bit more deeper to further smugify the shunners. I hope they felt extra holy leaving.

    I make sure when non JWs ask me about my life or past that I explain how my family shun me and how they believe that anyone not a JW will die at armageddon. Spread the word!

  • lostandconfused

    Magwitch- What a wonderful idea

  • dontplaceliterature

    It's 4:30 AM and I just cannot sleep after reading some of this. It's unfortunate because I know my baby will be awake in 2-3 hours for me to feed and care for. How hypocrytical is it that my husband is a ministerial servant and takes part in a forum like this? Even more hypocrytical on my part, though, that I know and don't expose him. At least I've convinced him that it is the right thing to do to step down since he has been in a spiritual muck for the past 6 months or so. How can anyone remain in a place of authority in the congregation and feel these things? I'm up also because I lovingly asked him to stop communicating online because he says he has no intentions of ever leaving the organization due to the risks it would cause every relationship in his life, including ours. As I often browse online when I am up with my motherly duties, I saw that he had been on here. I am not the best communicator face to face, like most people it's easier to write what you are feeling. So part of me hopes he reads this and part of me hopes he doesn't.

    I went through hell when I was 19-20 to become a witness. None of my family are witnesses except for my husband. I know a lot of the doubts he's feeling because I did everything in my power to NOT want to believe what I was learning. I did and still do see the love in the organization. I know that no one organization is perfect because we are all imperfect despite a godly backing. Now that I have been in a loving marriage for 6+ years and have a 3 month old baby, my husband (who was raised as a witness) is exploring his beliefs. I know he is torn about his thoughts, but I know he does not want to end any relationships with witnesses. Why read blogs like this and agree with thoughts that directly go against the organization when you say the risks are to high to ever change your witness title? It is a stress to me, to him, and will be to our daughter someday if he continues down this path. He mocks me when I say I do not want to read "apostate" literature because I do not totally disagree with him about some things, but sometimes ignorance really is bliss. I wish I didn't know he was a part of this blog. It's like spiritual adultury. I know he's cheating on the organization he represents, but I can't do anything about it. He can talk to all of you, but I can't talk to anyone except Jehovah. Who can bear such a burden? I don't want my relationship to suffer like this.

    I accept the organization with all of it's flaws just as I accept and love my husband. When baptized, you are essentially marrying Jehovah, his organization, it's good and not so good qualities. It is a personal choice to be baptized and for better or worse I expect myself and my husband to stick it out. Now that I've vented to a bunch of people I don't know, maybe I can get some sleep.

    -Committed (p.s. If you comment on this, know that I will not be reading it. This is a one-time deal for me.)

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