Today's Watchtower Lesson Really Bothered Me...

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  • i_drank_the_wine

    " The conductor mentioned something along the lines of..."If you think having to shun your disfellowshipped children is should read up on the Israelites. When one of their children was disobedient to the law, they had to take the before the Judges so that they could be stoned to death...and guess who's job it was throw the first stone?""

    What a total logic fail. Neither one of these bits of stupidity justify each other in any form. Stuff like this is why I just couldn't fake it anymore. If I had to go to a Kingdumb Hall now I'd probably lose my sh*t and drop-kick someone mid-comment after hearing that.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    The worst bit was when the conductor drew attention to the fact that Aaron was told not to even mourn his sons.

    That's right folks! Say goodbye to your kids with a big fecking smile on your face and get right back out there in field service!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yeah, and my husband's face was a giveaway. I would be very surprised if we don't get some heat off the elders.

  • agent zero
    agent zero

    there was also a reinstated girl quoted in the article saying how her family member's strict adherence to the rules helped her come back because she missed the association or something. i thought it was so biased how they use one example of a case where this rule ended up with the people involved being "happy" about it, versus the hundreds of torn apart families. but i also saw it as a very cunning way of diverting the real issue, and instead making it about the happiness of the family being together (whether or not in a cult). i can see how for those believing this is the 100% truth, this seems a valid argument, as anything to help them get back in is worth the effort, but if you eliminate that bias, it sounds like they're saying belief doesnt matter just join the club and hang out with the gang.

  • flipper

    DONTPLACELITERATURE- Very disgusting indeed. If the WT society was legally allowed to do so- they would see no crime at all in allowing relatives or parents to stone or kill relatives or children who gor DFEd. Thankfully there are some laws of the land intact which prohibit murder or some of us may not be typing out our thoughts on this board right now

  • Quarterback

    Yes, those laws should go deeper, and stop the insanity of the WTS. This bullying and Harassment of families who have dissagreement of thoughts should be stopped.

    The ORG may have won this battle against those who have shown love towards DF'd family members through this printed article, but, they will not win the battle.

    My family decided not to attend this WT study as well. We were actually visiting our DF'd relative doing that "Necessary Family Business" Suck on that you FDS. Yup, you missed we, not again.....keep looking.....We're everywhere

  • Magwitch

    Anony Mous....

    even laughter about the picture "guess who's not helping him with his luggage"

    Whoever laughed and made that comment is one SICK F***

  • Magwitch

    I feel so sorry for my aged die hard parents. They continue to associate with their DF'ed children, however I know the guilt is overwhelming. My parents WT is in the afternoon, so I planned well in advance to have my mother come over to my place in the morning and can peaches with me and my sister. She was having the time of her life, doing something she enjoys in the company of her 2 daughters. I figured it would be harder for her to buy into the study lesson after having such a wonderful morning.

  • Theredeemer

    I know soon my family will have to choose when i turn in my the end it will be their loss and thats how we all have to see it...Mnay of us never really chose to be in this with the info that is readily available and with many leaving for reasons of conscience there is really a choice now. It is sad how quickly they give me the hand when i try to explain why im leaving and thats because they ask me "why dont you go anymore?"

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Don't forget to read the article starting on page 4.

    page 7:

    On February 17, 2004, the trial resumed to
    review the results of the panel’s study. The
    experts found that our publications encourage
    readers to “preserve the family and the
    marriage arrangement” and that the claim
    that our literature promotes hatred was “unsupported.”

    Other scholars agreed. A professor
    of religious history was asked: “Why do
    Jehovah’s Witnesses preach?” He answered
    the court: “The preachingwork isamust for
    a Christian. That is what the Gospel states
    and that is what Christ commissioned his
    disciples to do—‘go and preach in all lands.’”
    Nonetheless, on March 26, 2004, the judge
    banned the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses
    in Moscow. On June 16, 2004, the Moscow
    City Court upheld the decision. Commenting
    on the verdict, a longtime Witness observed:
    “In Soviet times, a Russian had to be
    an atheist. Today, a Russian must be Orthodox.”

    Compare that with page 31

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