Would you go back if you thought there were one in a million chances you were wrong?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Would you perform a disgusting sex act that is totally against your nature for millions of dollars?

    My answer is that this is just a philosophy exercise because nobody is going to offer me millions of dollars.

    Same with going back to the JW's "in case" I were wrong. I am not wrong. Some things, you just know. In "THE MATRIX," once you wake up, you know the dream was a dream. You may not quite understand it all, but you know you were not living in reality.

    Now, if I were to combine the philosophy exercises, I would go back to the meetings twice a week and put in a minimum of 1 hour a month in literature distribution IF AND ONLY IF I didn't have to pay attention to the talks or participate in any way other than being there, AND I was given several million dollars to do as I please with.

    Cancel the several millions or make me participate in the meetings and the deal is out.

  • Morbidzbaby

    No, I wouldn't. If there were even the SLIGHTEST chance that I was wrong, the freedom I have now is worth being smited by the Invisible Sky Daddy. BRING IT ON!

  • Bella15
  • kashkrunched


    Knowledge is power. When I first began to fade from the Watchtower, I also had reservations that I was making a wrong decision. Reading COC by Ray Franz helped to confirm my suspicions about the Watchtower, however, there were lingering doubts about religion in general, the Bible and even the existence of god. Maybe god is using someone else?

    In 2009, I finally found the answer: religion and all of their holy books are based on myths; elaborate allegories based on the movement of the sun (the solar messiah) through the various constellations. The Zeitgeist film was a major breakthrough for me. From there, I spent another year investigating astrotheology (OMG, I’m an apostate!). Learning that was a great relief.

    So, there's nothing to fear; leaving the Watchtower and ANY religion and understanding their true foundation will lead to great relief. Move on and enjoy your life!

  • Awen

    No and Yes.

    No, because I know they're 100% wrong on most everything. There would have to be an admittance of guilt on the part of the Governing Body for misleading millions of people and causing the deaths of thousands due to their erroneous teachings on blood, the destruction of marriages because of their teachings on marriage and immediately recognizing that protecting pedophiles shames God's name more than revealing them and throwing them out of the organization.

    Yes. Only if Yeshua asked me to for reasons other than the ones cited above.

  • TheSilence

    No. I wrote something once in response to an email my dad sent me and never sent it for various reasons. I did, however, keep it in case I ever changed my mind. This is part of what I wrote:

    The big question, I suppose, is what if I am wrong? What if that is truly the nature of god and he will kill me for not accepting that? I've thought long and hard about that question. You taught me, dad, to stand up for the things I believe in... no matter what. At Armageddon, if I were a believer, you would expect me to hold to my beliefs even to death. Well, dad, the thing is I believe it would be wrong of god to kill myself, millions of basically good people, and innocent children and babies simply because they believed the wrong thing. That is what I believe and I stand up for that. If that is truly who and what god is then he's not a god I'm willing to worship, even if I pay with my life. I don't believe in a god who can be that vindictive and petty and I won't worship a god who is. If I were a believer and Armageddon was tomorrow and I survived how could I live with myself knowing that I had supported and worshipped a god who killed my innocent nephew who did nothing wrong, who earned no such punishment? And not just my nephew but millions of innocent children and babies. That's not a god I can support, that's not a god I can worship. I'm not saying I'm right, I've been wrong about countless things in my life. I can only say I do the best I can and try to be the best person I can... and my morals dictate that I could not support such genocide.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    For me, I was thunderstruck when I realized the whole thing was bullshit. There was no second guessing. The only thing I have any doubts about is the best way to approach the whole thing with my wife and family.

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