Would you go back if you thought there were one in a million chances you were wrong?

by Paul Duda 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • Paul Duda
    Paul Duda

    Often I wake up in a cold sweat wondering if I'm wrong. Life is short. I have only a brief time to make a decision. Am I making the right one? What are the consequences if go back and I'm wrong? What if I don't go back and I'm wrong? Am I missing the greatest opportunity of all time?

    Sometimes I buy a lottery ticket even though I have serious doubts that I'll ever win. Buying a ticket lets me have the dream of 'what if...' I think about what my life would be like.

    If I return and I'm wrong, I'll never know. At the very least I'll get to dream 'what if...'

  • MrFreeze
  • cantleave

    I am right, 100% right.

  • punkofnice

    I figure your posting here is evidence enough you know the watchtower is a high control group with no Biblical basis.

    If you believe in the 'Christian' concept of God then even the JDubs tell that he 'reads hearts'!

    By way of illustration:

    If my kindergarten age son did a drawing in honour of me and it was just crayoned scribbles, I'd be very happy and commend him. He's expressing love not 'apostasy'. I wouldn't punish him for not giving me a Rembrandt!

    If there is a god and that god reads hearts..............don't sweat it!!

    Just remember all the reasons you realise the watchtower is not the one true way to god.

    Consider this...............are these words of Christian love???

    ''...in order to hate what is bad a Christian must hate the person... " Watchtower 1961 Jul 15 p.420

  • MrFreeze

    Paul, your thinking that just means they still have control over your mind. This will fade as time goes.

    Trust me, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than winning the prize of everlasting life as described by JW's. We have proof that people have actually won the lottery.

  • Paul Duda
    Paul Duda

    Maybe it's been asked many times before but it's something I think about. I'm just asking if anyone else ever thinks this way.

  • Paul Duda
    Paul Duda

    I also wonder if waking up in cold sweat is some form of post traumatic stress. Why does it keep happening after all these years?

  • Nickolas

    One in a million? No. I don't buy lottery tickets, either.

  • WTWizard

    How many other religions have at one time or another tried to predict the end, even once, and were wrong? The Washtowel came out of a heated argument about the end date, which started in the 1830s in the Wild West. Someone decided to settle it once and for all time, putting the end date in 1874. That happened in 1872. Did the end come in 1874? What happened when 1875 came and nothing happened? Did they apologize and admit they were totally off on predicting the end, or did they simply move the end date to a later year?

    And, how many times did they try that crap? The end always seems about a year or so off--that same year or so that it has been off since 1874. Do you actually think this time is different?

    And even if it was right, I already looked at all possibilities. Whether the religion was true or not, I concluded that I would still be better off without it. And the worst was the religion being right and I stay in--life without fulfillment is far worse than getting destroyed. If you still want to dream about something grand, try buying a few ounces of silver (or more if you can afford it) and dream of seeing its price go to the moon.

  • jookbeard

    no way even if I was wrong, it is a dull , boring , physically/mentally draining belief system full of dull, picky , stupid sad , petty people that no one needs to have to open their lives to, I'd accept my eternal damning whatever it would be.

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