WE CAN DO THIS....if you think the idea is as good as I do!

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  • ShadesofGrey
    Deep down they smell a rat. Deep down they already know, but on the surface they are kidding themselves into thinking the pull towards the magic of Armegeddon is stronger.

    Yes. Me too. When I finally broke free, I was preaching to everyone online but not attending meetings because I knew that they made me depressed.

  • Terry

    So what have you decided Terry? Will you be making such a site? Keep us updated.

    To actually get it DONE we'll need to do a countdown to THE DAY it is done with everybody being alerted every day for the last 7 days leading up to it.

    This is a bad time of year because of static from everywhere holiday-wise.

    But it is do-able.

    Everybody who wishes to post a candidate document please post it here.

  • Quentin


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