WE CAN DO THIS....if you think the idea is as good as I do!

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    The Quiet One

    Sabastious - I'm very sorry, there's nothing I can do.. I leave paragraph spaces, but my mobile's browser doesn't leave them in when I post!

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    Awesome idea. Marking this thread for later. Keep these coming. That, "Is it wrong to change your religion?" article is awesome. I just shake my head these days.

  • Terry

    Self-evident only.

    Every JW with a brain has nagging worries and closeted doubts.

    A simple side by side with any nasty asides is "pure".

    A JW can tell if the scan is done correctly they are dealing with authenticity.

    It would have to be laid out rather gradual and not too in-your-face at first.

    The ones like the Passport app are a real stunning curiousity.

    An * at the bottom of each page stating: Actual Scan and an attribution under each photo as to source is important.

    I would start with most recent items and work backward because anything ANYTHING that starts with Pastor Russell is immediately suspect at Apostate.

    Besides, the Russell stuff is not considered even important by current JW's.

    There are a ton of quotations, articles, photos, photostats, letters and articles that are DEVASTATING if chosen correctly.

    LET'S SEE YOUR BEST ARCHIVAL STUFF! Then we should probably vote on what goes where and what doesn't work.

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    Marked for later consideration


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    Wasn't there a website that had only Wt quotes that was shut down by the wt?

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