I've stopped my bible study but....

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  • james_woods
    But then I found this website and read the horror stories of family shunning, being pioneered to death, never being good enough for God, and them dropping me like a hot potato once my study was over and I immediatly re-thought my entire stance. So anyway, I do still read the magazines, but I did end the study and I am now careful not to listen to any of the rhetoric.

    Well, just remember that all the teachings, policies, and rhetoric that you do not like came directly from those magazines.

    Some parts of Mein Kampf must have sounded good to a lot of Germans before they figured out Hitler was going to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews, start the worst war of the 20th century, and destroy their entire country.

    Mixing in a little evil into something that outwardly sounds good does not excuse the evil. And yes, the JWs are masters at this - particularly with the Awake.

  • Bella15

    Do you know what it means to be "assertive"?" It would be a good idea to search for articles and free self-help seminars online.

    Standing up for your rights and not being taken advantage of is one definition of being assertive.

    It also means communicating what you really want in a clear fashion, respecting your own rights and feelings and the rights and feelings of others.

    Assertion is an honest and appropriate expression of one's feelings, opinions, and needs.

    What causes people to avoid being assertive?

    Most people are not assertive for fear of displeasing others and of not being liked. However, although you may avoid some immediate unpleasantness by not being assertive, you could also jeopardize the relationship in the long run if you refuse to assert yourself and then feel taken advantage of over and over again.

    1. Basic Assertion

    This is a simple, straightforward expression of your beliefs, feelings, or opinions. It's usually a simple "I want" or "I feel" statement.

    2. Empathic Assertion

    This conveys some sensitivity to the other person. It usually contains two parts- a recognition of the other person's situation or feelings, followed by a statement in which you stand up for your rights.

    "I know you've really been busy, but I want to feel that our relationship is important to you. I want you to make time for me and for us."

    3. Escalating Assertion

    This occurs when the other person fails to respond to your basic assertion and continues to violate your rights. You gradually escalate the assertion and become increasingly firm. It may even include the mention of some type of resulting action on your part, made only after several basic assertive statements. For example, "If you don't complete the work on my car by 5:00 tomorrow, I'll be forced to call the Better Business Bureau."

  • DagothUr

    I was also drawn into this religion by my sympathy for the conductor of my study. Because he was so amiable, I never had the heart to stop the study. Later I came to regret the decision. After I dissasociated myself, he no longer spoke with me. The JWs have no feelings, just the desire to use your feelings in order to convert you.

    I have a strange feeling that you're going to be interviewed at a Circuit Assembly within the next few years......NRFG

    [email protected]!!..

    The writing is on the Wall..

    All the ear marks of a Future JW giving their Bible Study experience at an Assembly..

    The crowd will be Clapping like Seals..

    I`ve always wanted to toss fish into the audience whenever it happens..



  • PenelopePaige

    DagothUr- Then you undestand. :) Yes, I really like this lady. she is so nice but a time or two, the mask falls off and she has been passive aggressive and a little snarky- And then she snaps to and becomes so sweet again. I could totally see her not speaking to me if I saw her out or something, if I cut off contact. Oh lord, looks like I'm going to have to quit reading the mags and tell her to hit the road. Goodness.

    Yes, I really like this lady. she is so nice but a time or two, the mask falls off and she has been passive aggressive and a little snarky-
    And then she snaps to and becomes so sweet again..

    Lots of really Sweet JW`s like that..


    Cross her and she`ll Eat your Liver..


  • Gayle

    you can get the WT and Awake for free online: jw.org - no JW visits required.

    I get them that way (for research on exposure of tactics of the WT organization and their ongoing manipulation and high-mind control tactics)

    glad you came on this site so that you can be 'fully' informed about the WTS,,the WTS type of Bible study is actually their literature studies, with scriptures peppered in their literature that they can twist.

  • PenelopePaige

    OUTLAW- Haha- that's funny :)

  • mrsjones5

    When the mask falls you're seeing the real her. Don't be fooled by the nice and sweet mask.

    When people show you who they really are believe them.

  • PenelopePaige

    Thanks Gayle- :)

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