I've stopped my bible study but....

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  • Ding


    The Watchtower and Awake magazines are the primary indoctrination tools of the JW religion.

    Tens of thousands of people have become JWs because they kept reading the mags and finally bought into the line that they are "the truth."

    If you are interested in the Bible, read that instead of the WT and Awakes.

    You'll get an entirely different view of what Christianity is.

    That JW is reporting her time with you just as much as if she were still conducting a book study in your home.

    Cut off the magazines too and see if that nice JW lady has the slightest interest in coming by and talking with you about anything else -- children, gardening, sports, scrapbooking... whatever...

    She doesn't.

    Just as a salesman keeps talking until you buy or walk away, so this woman's "friendship" is all about counting hours and converting you to become a JW.

    She would love to have you at a District Convention next year telling everyone how you were determined not be become a JW but because of her "loving" persistence, finally came "into the truth" and are now going d2d yourself doing the same thing to your neighbors.

  • PenelopePaige

    Ding- I think you're right. You guys know much better than me about these things and that seems to be the general idea, that she is just "counting time". I'm reallly glad I found this site because when I first came here I was sincerely buying into all of it. My husband thought I'd lost my damn mind! Now, I think I agree with him. I'm just going to read my bible and that's it!

    I appreciate all the responses from everyone - thanks :)

  • flipper

    PENELOPE- Several years ago the WT society changed their tactics a little to make the Watchtower & Awake more appealing to people at the door like yourself so they won't be aware of high control type information at first. They have 2 versions of the WT magazine . One softer, more easy laid back WT which emphasizes the shiny , happy prospect of the alleged " paradise " - the one you received - but a DIFFERENT version of the WT magazine which they study at the Kingdom Hall which is much stricter, harder hitting, and basically controls HOW Witnesses are to think. Once a person starts attending the Kingdom Hall meetings they are expected to tow the line with the stricter information put out at the WT study meetings.

    This is probably one reason you were so confused at first on why people were telling you not to read the magazines , etc. The Awake is usually pretty generic, laid back, but it can be aggressively indoctrinating at times too. But the WT study version is ALWAYS pushing discipline, control, and instills fear into JW members so they will tow the WT society company line. So remember- there is an end motive to why these people want you to join the Witnesses . It's about control of your life - not about your real happiness

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Amen. Alleulia! Just Read your Bible yourself should be the mantra for this site.

  • Nickolas

    To flipper's excellent point (something we are all aware of but whose nuance might be a little too subtle to grasp at first) this in a business vernacular is called "keeping two sets of books". These are intended for consumption by different audiences. One set of books is as accurate a representation of reality as possible, used internally to actually run the business, while the other is intended to deceive and/or assure an external audience. The editions of the magazines you receive are the PR versions, designed to paint the Watchtower in benign if not benevolent pastel shades of colour. The editions of the magazines you will receive if you "progress" will be the so-called Kool-aid versions, which incorporate more Watchtower dogma and employ deliberate psychological control mechanisms. Now, ask yourself, Penelope, what legitimate business has two sets of books and what legitimate religious organisation has two printed versions of how it represents itself?

  • nugget

    I wish to notify you that I no longer wish to receive the magazines. Thank you. If I change my mind in the future I will let you know.

  • wannabefree

    how about ... I discovered that I can get the magazines for free on the internet, months before you bring them to me, I am quite pleased with that arrangement, consider it part of my contribution to saving the environment, you can print less magazines and save the gas it takes to deliver them to me. I will let you know if anything changes.

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. flipper

  • ziddina

    If you like the "Awake"™ and "Watchtower"™ magazines, you can subscribe to "National Geographic", "Smithsonian", and "Archaeology" magazines - most of the "Awake"™ articles are plagiarized from such magazines, anyway...

    Whoops!! Forgot "Readers' Digest" - that is, if it's still around...

    There are probably numerous bible-study magazines out there, too - if I were you, Id look for ones wherein the authors are well-versed in Hebrew-Aramaic, common Greek, and Roman culture, to say the least...

    You don't need to study with the Witnesses to learn about the world at large and bible knowledge specifically...

    Zid the She-Devil

  • ziddina
    "I just need a nice, one-liner that won't offend. And then if that doesn't work I'll think about the police. :) ..."

    I just can't resist...

    Tell her:

    (a) Someone just gave you Ray Franz' book, "Crisis of Conscience", and after reading it, you have a LOT of questions for her...

    (b) A Scientologist has also contacted you, wants to "audit" you, and you want her to meet the Scientologist since the Scientologist and the bible study conductor are both just SO "nice" that you think they both have a LOT in common and will want to talk it over...

    (c) A Mormon has contacted you; you like what THEY have to say, also, especially that part about providing financial support if you're out of work... Does the Watchtower provide such support??? [Be sure to bat your eyelashes at that... ]

    (d) You're thinking about furthering your education - you've always had a yearning to gain a college degree; and you're thinking of going back to school to major in philosophy/evolution/Biblical languages/religious history...

    (e) A neighbor has just joined a Wiccan coven, and you've always been interested in the earth and ecology; besides, you would love to get to know more about the woodlands gods like "Pan" and "Gaia"...

    Above all, have FUN with her - er, them...!! (Wasn't there a horror movie titled "Them"??? )

    Zid the She-Devil

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