The Makeweight Scenario

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  • AnnOMaly

    cedars, I suggest (FWIW) you wait for the n.drew situation to calm down or be resolved by the mods, and then start again with a new thread.

  • cptkirk

    actually cedars it was a really well put together post, you're right. not your fault.

  • cedars

    Thanks Listener/AnnOMaly/Jim! Hopefully balance is slowly being restored to this thread!

    I'm not suggesting there is anything necessarily new in the Makeweight Scenario, it's just perhaps a different way of explaining it. I feel it also opens up a number of other questions for the open-minded, one such being:

    Isn't suggesting that the Holy Spirit would lie a blasphemy in itself, and therefore a sin against the Holy Spirit? What does the bible have to say about those who sin against the Holy Spirit?

    You could go on...

  • sizemik
    Hopefully balance is slowly being restored to this thread!

    Hopefully cedars . . . Really mate . . . reading this thread made me think that this is what it must have been like for those around at the Tower of Babel. The only word I recognised that made any sense was F***k.

    The point of argument is a good one . . . but as you say . . . for the open minded.

    LWT's point is valid for the satisfied JW however . . .

    They are not capable. They have been stripped of the ability to even have any opinion on spiritual mattes. They follow orders from Mother.

    It's like filling a diesel with avgas . . . it's still high-grade fuel but the engine just won't fire.

    Isn't suggesting that the Holy Spirit would lie a blasphemy in itself, and therefore a sin against the Holy Spirit?

    Now that I like . . .

  • N.drew

    So then, the OP got "high jacked" ten different ways by half as many

    people, and bully wants to blame me? Go ahead. What difference does it make?

  • cedars

    Thanks N.drew for that trenchant observation!

  • rebel8

    I think the OP argument is a very good one.

    I think any argument posed to jws is of value limited to the very few who will listen, consider it and take action.

    [My personal preference is to put my energies into prevention instead. Bigger bang for my buck.]

    Wow, you sure do like to drop the F bombs. You sure do insult a lot of people. Jesus would hate that.

    He does! It makes him itch. Just look, he keeps scratching his neck.

  • ziddina

    Regarding N.drew, as I said before....

    Somebody is WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY off of his meds...

    Cedars, I have a suggestion. There is a way to "resurrect" this thread, minus the meds-less biblebabble of the brainless thread hi-jacker...

    It's pretty easy... With your permission, I'll go ahead and revive this thread elsewhere...


  • cedars

    Hello ziddina, yes you can revive it elsewhere if you like, but I have a feeling N.drew will seek us out wherever we go, as he seems to roam freely on here without censure. I'm encouraged that newcomers keep bringing us back "on topic" so hopefully the purpose of the thread hasn't been too degraded, but of course you have my permission to start a fresh thread if you like! Thanks!

  • ziddina

    Thx Cedars... I'll pick a phrase from your first post...

    If there are any off-topic posts on the new thread, then every single MOD on-board will be getting messages regarding the problem...

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