The Makeweight Scenario

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  • EntirelyPossible

    Nope! I named them, but to name all of them might take a thousand years.

    No, you didn't. Again, if you think so many people are hating you, then you might want to look at the only common denominator, you.

    As to where you were not clear, the screed about your rule number uno. You never named who you were directing that at. I'll re-post for for convenience.You didn't name who you were directing that at.

    Who the fuckin hell are you taking to? If is is me

    fuck you, if it is that crazy sex crazed fuck, then sorry.

    Rule number uno. When insulting, name your target JERK STUPID FACE FUCK

    What is wrong with you people?

  • N.drew

    You are right EP. " Entirely Possible you're mean as a snake toward anyoine NOT LIKE YOU."

    But did you see that I asked if it was you or me? I am betting on me, but

    didn't I ask? You are confusing me. I don't know if you are re-tarded or really clever, like

    a devil. You will probably never tell. I do not know how to quote right and Simon surely

    will off me. Which is very fine. So that's that.

  • N.drew

    So I ASKED which target. I asked. There are three here me you and rational,

    I obviously wasn't asking you, nor me, so the other guy. That's who it was.

  • N.drew

    Any way what ever Simon will do, thank you for the endorphins.

    That is it, that is what i am on.

  • N.drew

    By the by, I still don't know WHO he was talking to, will I ever?

  • N.drew

    Is it me? as mean as a snake or EntirelyPossible?

  • BabaYaga

    Jeeze la freakin' weeze. Now I remember why I haven't been around much lately.


    And now, to get back to the original post:

    Cedar, I think that is a very good question indeed... and I thank you for it. Let's hope it helps someone we love.

  • N.drew

    Spam it is! How does it feel to be a prophet? ms spam?

    I think what I was going to say was really important.

    Impossible! Everything babble. Everything?

    My mind is blank for once. Is that good? If I think of it i migh post.

    If they will let me. I have a blog, oh yah, you know that.

    Babble. Becasue it is not what dead men said. Fine.

  • EntirelyPossible

    But did you see that I asked if it was you or me?

    You weren't clear who that question was direct to. I thought you were directing something to shamus. You can see where you violated your own rule number one from here on out, I trust.

    You are confusing me.

    Don't sell yourself short. You get confused all by yourself.

    I don't know if you are re-tarded or really clever, likea devil.

    Awww....false comparsion. If someone is clever, they must be a devil! Falso comparison is false!

    I do not know how to quote right and Simon surelywill off me.

    If he does, it won't be because of your inability to quote (which all you have to do to fix is ask), it will be for your swearing and nastiness. Generally he will warn you first.

  • N.drew

    Fuck you. Am I wrong to assume that means not me Fuck Face Baba

    More Babble?

    Did you never hear about "reading between the lines?"

    "lets hope it helps someone [we} love" translation

    not she who stole mother's fucking fuck name.

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