The Makeweight Scenario

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  • cptkirk

    i rate this thread a "B" for bizarre.

  • N.drew

    By the time "Simon" catches up to me, I might be off.

    So I shall say I did not steal Ms. Nancy Drews name.

    And did she make up Borg? I did too. Is it uncanny?

    I got in big trouble because some one else made up

    Borg before me, was it your lova?

    It's kind of obvious, Borg is. I was silly and saw a post

    I thought it was about me because I thought Borg was

    original to me.

    I don't have a lawyer.

  • shamus100


    Did you find that Spock was a bit of a pompous prick sometimes?

  • EntirelyPossible

    Well hell. I'm going to advertise a blow-out special this week.

    Are you asking me for a date?

    It is obvious I have read the Bible.

    It's obvious you glanced at it.

    "You sure do insult a lot of people. Jesus would hate that." No, Paul would.

    Case in point.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Did you find that Spock was a bit of a pompous prick sometimes?

    Kirk did call him an elf with hyperactive thyroid once....

    Yes, I am a nerd.

  • shamus100

    No, EP. You're not my type. ;(

    Yes, it appears you are a bit of a trekkie. ;) Your secret may or may not be safe with me, pending something.....

  • cptkirk

    nahhhh spock was right on. mccoy was the prick. you ever see how he talked to spock? wow! totally ripped on him constantly.

    (shamus let me help you with the subtilties of the dark side)

  • cedars

    I wish it was possible to rename threads. If so, I would rename this thread "How to hijack a thread, by N.drew"

    I honestly thought it was a fairly valuable suggestion I was offering to all those with family members that may be teetering. Sometimes all it takes is one piece of devestating logic to push someone out of the control of the organisation.

    Someone referred to the fact that nowhere does the bible refer to God's spirit-directed organisation, and this is true. It's interesting though that acknowledging the authority of God's spirit directed organisation is the subject of the second of the two baptismal questions, and therefore (at least in the minds of the Society) a prerequisite to baptism (whether or not it's in the bible)!!

    FYI - if you're going to hijack my thread there's very little I can do to stop you, and I appreciate everyone's efforts to reprimand N.drew, but could all of you stop spouting out obscenities? I would really like it if existing witnesses could feel comfortable reading this post and any reasoned argument that may ensue, and seeing reams of verbal diarrhoea might just persuade impartial visitors that their preconceptions about this site may have been correct.

  • Listener

    They claim that as they are not inspired by God this means that they will, at times, get things wrong. This makes it impossible to know at what times the actual truth is spoken. But if they do later have the truth then how did this come about? That is, how did God reveal it to them and how did they know that it was God who was doing the revealing on that occassion?

    Cedars, I thought your Makeweight Scenario was excellant and I'll repeat it here from your first post-


    "Can you show me one scripture that supports the idea that the Holy Spirit would deliberately feed God's servants untrue information or a flawed understanding of scripture as a "makeweight" until actual truth would be revealed at a later date? Is there a biblical principle that justifies Jehovah dealing with his servants in such a way?"

  • sizemik
    i rate this thread a "B" for bizarre.

    I rate it an "A" for Acid . . . I haven't tripped like this since I last dropped it in '81

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