Are we really mortal?

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  • AGuest
    "... sub-sub-atomic particles are simply energy waves presenting a "particle" illusion that is completed by the five human senses interpreting energy as physical (matter)."

    I LOVE it, dear Tale (the greatest of love and peace to you!)... because it sounds EXACTLY like what my Lord has told ME for years: that the physical is NOT the real, but merely an ILLUSION of reality. Trying to explain that to people who refuse to allow themselves to understand anything other than what is physical, however, including that what APPEARS to be real, the physical, is really a "negative" of the real... the spiritual... is tough. Your quote, though, states it in a way that perhaps they are more likely to grasp... because it explains the SCIENCE of it.

    Again, my Lord has never shared anything with ME... that is scientifically inexplicable. That we don't have all of the wisdom, knowledge, understanding... and TOOLS... to be able to see, realize, and/or KNOW everything scientifically, yes. But he has never told me that we would never have such, either.

    Thank you, then, for your quote and, again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • PSacramento

    Are we really mortal?

    I'm not, but I can't say as much for you puny humans !

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