Are we really mortal?

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  • cptkirk

    or could we be immortal?

    what is consciousness? is it not the formation and function of the organ we call the brain? (along with it's supporting cast of organs).

    consider how vast the universe is. as scientists say in layman's terms "it's all the same stuff". (in regard to matter found within the cosmos. see periodic table)

    we cannot wrap our minds around the concept of infinity. but if we consider what einstein said regarding "matter cannot be created nor destroyed".

    could it then be possible that after we die, when our brain specifically goes back to dust...isn't it recycled, it's not "destroyed". so eventually, in the context of infinity, we will live again...eventually.

    even withstanding the theory which suggests the entire cosmos will eventually collapse....if matter cannot be created nor destroyed...our particles will be in that "soup"...and the same laws will take shape, even after the entire collapse of the cosmos, the violent process will start from scratch again. infinitely collapsing and reproducing. even with the most incredible odds against us of being reformed in the soup, at a later date again, in the context of will eventually happen again....again even if it takes 50000000 trillion years, it will recycle us. and we will live again, and again, and again, and again.

    i love the mathematic principle of process of elimination. once you elimate all the molecules which have no context in the realm of consciousness, it leaves an entire mass of energy/matter which have nothing to do with once you've elimated all of are left with a relatively small soup of concsiousness molecules which constantly recycle us. in contrast to all other existing energy/matter within the cosmos.

    i think i just set the framework for a really good movie. you ever see in the movies where the sub-title says "20 years later..." . how bout a sub-title that says "800 Quadrillion years later..."

  • flipper

    CPTKIRK- " Well Jim , Bones speaking here . I can only say from a mortal " doctor's " point of view I've never seen another human live forever before. But dammit Jim ! I'm just a doctor ! I can't resurrect the dead ! " Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cptkirk
  • flipper

    Thanks for the you-tube ! I really enjoyed " The Doc's " humor on Star Trek . LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    In all seriousness - yes, I think we are all mortal and we all die in time. Nobody's proved it differently to me as of yet- so for now it's my view. I HOPE there is a hereafter, I keep my mind open to it but I ain't betting the ranch on it. That's why I live every day as positive as I can and enjoy the here and now. Take care

  • talesin

    [email protected] the ST vid ,, I love Bones! (2nd only to Spock, my mentor)

    You are onto my train of thinking cptkirk,,, energy & matter are continuously recycled, and though I have no 'belief system' about an afterlife, it seems to me that each individual's energy has to go 'somewhere'.

    It's kinda interesting how we are born 'knowing' some things ... how? I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on it, because I am here,,, now. But yes, you present a 'question for the ages'. Physics provides the closest thing to an answer.

    What do you think of 'Starseeds'?


  • andys

    Yes I would have to say we all are mortal, I have been reading on the website and have read some very interesting things and alot of the experiences have certain things that are very consistant for example someone during surgery feeling they are out of body all of a sudden and then knowing everything the doctors are saying, etc........................................

  • andys

    Also thinking about how flawed the Watchtower is on their theology of people living forever on a paradise on earth, lets say everyone is perfect, no one is dying, everyone keeps having babies, as there is more people on the planet earth the population rate keeps getting faster and faster and then also considering there is the resserection, by the time everyone is resserected the population rate is growing way to fast that the planet earth runs out of room.............................................

    Also I looked at some other numbers:

    An estimated 77 million babies are born each year

    Estimated 56 million people die each year

    Right now at 6 billion people on the planet earth thats about 20 million that the population increases each year, to me mortality makes alot of sense compared to the Watchtowers idea of people living forever on the earth after looking at the numbers.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm believing in the possibility of reincarnation these days.


    Most people accept that the atoms they are made of will be reused and one day end up as stardust. I made a post to this effect a couple of days ago.

    Recycling unconscious molecules or atoms does not equate to our brain surviving or us ever being conscious again a s cognisant beings . The likelihood of my brain molecules ending up being used to make another brain are remote. I am more likely to end up as a bin liner not a Bin Laden.

    We come from dust and we return to dust. Even the bible states this. It also states that it is only by belief in Jesus and god’s grace that we can be redeemed and live again. So far I have yet to hear a voice in my head from Allah, Christ or Jehovah convincing me that this it true.

    It would please me to think that that I will live again in some far of galaxy but alas - Beam me up Scotty - only apperas to happen in fiction.

  • cptkirk

    gladiator: you're thinking in short term. 50 billion years is short term. just like that possibility of asteroids bringing life to earth. there's your stardust. and your return to a planet that can sustain life. think in trillions of quadrillions of years. infinity.

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