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  • cantleave

    You sound like me when I joined!


    2 years later my family and I are out and happy.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum. and our nightmare.

    First ........ Don't do anything different until you have a workable plan to get your family out.

    Every trick of mind control that your family has ever heard is working just fine. Every warning bell is just waiting for someone to trigger it.

    Don't think for a minute, that your family might be different .... reasonable .... understanding.

    Whatever you do, you must not trigger the fight or flight response.

    To keep your family intact and functional, you have to be the LAST one to leave.

    Take your time.

    Go to the library and get this book for your family.

    Teach Your Child How to Think

  • C.O.B.E.Beef

    Wow, thank you all for your kind welcome and support.

    AnneB-Thats insightful, thank you.

    Sizemick-"There's more involved than simply being true to ourselves . . . we need to make personal sacrifices to be true to those who depend on us."

    That spoke to me deeply. Perhaps not so eloquently spoken, that thought is the core of my recent modus operandi. "Strateegery" if you will.

    Scripture encourages an inspection of the fruitage of a religion. We see bad fruitage and always blame it on the weather ( critical times h.t.d.w...).

    However technology has made an inspection of the roots possible. Still think its the weather??

    Sorry if I ramble, I feel like Truman Burbank sitting in his basement contemplating life outside Seahaven.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I hear ya COBE! I can relate to much of your experience, esp the bizare feeling of holding 'multiple personalities'.
    I do not have any young kids myself, but remember the feeling when one of the kids in my family handed me the Bible Story book to read him. I started paging through and remember thinking ( besides the fact it is so violent!) this is just a bunch of made up stuff, pure and simple. I couldn't possibly read it to him.

  • discreetslave

    Welcome and my heart goes out to yo hang in there I know how you feel comparing yourself to Truman. My exit felt just like the ending. Sadly my husband is still in we have 2 young children, so I like so many others here understand you circumstance. Some here have had their mates leave with them so you have a fund of knowlrdge here and on other sites.

    Along with Black Sheeps suggestion I also suggest reading

    Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz

    Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan

    Understanding Mind Control Among Jehovah's Witnesses e-book by Randall Watters

    I'm sending you a PM

  • rebel8

    Congratulations on waking up. That can be a really slow, gradual process.

    May your exit be successful and swift.

  • dm6

    these stories i read about you other poor jws are really heartwrenching, and its commendable you have woken up to save your children from this organisation. It could be the best thing you ever did.

    As already mentioned above, a must read for all jws/exjws is crisis of consciense by raymond franz, former GB.

    I wish you all the best, dont fret, be happy, your finally waking up to what life is really all about.


  • wobble

    Many here have trod the path you are on, me included, I found this place to be invaluable, I received support, top quality advice, and love on here from the good folks who inhabit this place.

    No one judged me, it is so differnt from the WT, all were super helpful.

    Please keep coming back for whatever you need, support, advice, or just an opportunity to vent, or just for a chat.

    The good people of JWN are here for you 24/7.

  • Heartofaboy

    Welcome COBE Beef. Your story wasn't rambling at all, it was most interesting.

    And thank you for having the courage to tell us.


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    A belated welcome to you COBE Beef, glad you found us. Thanks for sharing your story, it was insightful and interesting. Stick around.


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