Urinary Tract Infection=proof of premarital sex

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  • kazar


    Note: Re pyridium & generic Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride...

    Didn't realize we're geographically many miles apart. I'm in Baltimore, Maryland and I had gotten those Uricalm pills at my local Rite Aid drugstore last year. I hadn't had a UTI for many years until last year. Almost went nuts because I had to wait so long for the urine specimen to clear-that is why I bought the Uricalm. Then when the test came back I found out the infection was resistant to most antibiotics: cipro, tetracycline, amoxacylin and others I had never heard of nor had I ever taken them. What a mess. I try to drink lots of water since then but it can be a problem at work having to run to the bathroom all the time. As far as the pharmacist telling you that people having UTI's can have mild discomfort....yes, he definitely never had one! I think only one male has posted on this subject which tells us that this is a female problem which most men don't understand or empathize with. I don't know of any man who has ever had a UTI.

  • rebel8

    As much as I loathe the WTBTS it has been my observation that oftentimes bad behaviour on the part of Jehovah's Witnesses is erroneously associated with their religious indoctrination when in reality they'd behave just as badly if they were not Jehovah's Witnesses.

    That can be true but in this case it is not.

    I would challenge you to find a mainstream religion that would have a fake nurse at a 1st aid station at a religious meeting tell a 13-yr-old she is sexually active and dismiss her without treatment, then tell her priest and mother.

    The mother reacts not with normal, healthy maternal concern but with punishing abuse because there is a chance the child is committing the terrible sin of sex.

    Then the priest and all the deacons call the duo into the back room of the church, in front of their only friends, when the back room meetings are well known to mean someone has sinned. The meeting proceeds, interrogating them about fornication, under the threat of excommunication, shunning, and death by carniverous birds at the command of the Almighty, followed by eternal death.

  • NewChapter

    I don't think WT is directly responsible for this either. I don't think I knew any mothers that would do such a thing to their daughter, but who knows behind closed doors. However it aggravates the situation 50 fold.

    This is a myth that many people believe. The WT makes ignorance okay. If a person admitted the only reading they ever did was from the bible and WT literature, that would be fine, even applauded in some circles. The WT gives them a false sense of intelligence. The wisdom of man is foolishness.

    Then there is the issue of punishment. WT knows no degree. They treat a murderer with the same severity as someone accused of loose conduct. And a person who no longer agrees with all of their teachings is worse than both. How does a simpleton woman who thinks she is educated and believes old wive's tales handle perceived infractions? She shoots squirrels with elephant guns.

    The parent/child bond is interfered with from birth. Every JW giving birth knows that they must be willing to walk away from their bundle of joy, not because they make that decision themselves (sometimes necessary with dangerous adult children) but at the whim of 3 uneducated men. And they won't even be allowed to ask why, they simply must submit. How can a proper bond or empathy form between them---or with anyone for that matter. Three men can step in at any time and bust the family up. It's best to keep a bit of a wall there.

    Those assemblies simply aren't healthy for many people. We weren't made to exist in huge auditoriums for days with very little movement, far from bathrooms with long lines. Some can handle it fine. But the young, the old, the sick have a very hard time. But they aren't met with much compassion. Parents are reminded all day to keep their kids seated and quiet. If you walk around with a young child (like I used to) to help them deal with normal, healthy energy, smug teenage brothers with signs flash them at you asking that you return to your seat.

    Yeah, the WT is not directly responsible for this ignorant and evil behavior. But they are not innocent.


  • rebel8

    You do not believe the wts is responsible for the actions of the elders either?

  • talesin

    kazar -- I can't believe you had to wait 3 days. That is crrrraaazy!!! Here, they test it in the doctor's office! You give the sample, wait 5 minutes, and they return with the verdict. Not sure, but I think it's a dip strip. (((sorry for your pain)))


    Agreed. The mom's reaction was NOT normal. In fact, it was sickeningly JW.

    Also, I've been involved with a couple of festivals here, and the people in the First Aid Stations are ALWAYS, without fail, licensed EMT's.


  • NewChapter

    Rebel---of course I do. I think I was just saying that I don't directly blame the WT for how this mother treated her daughter. The WT aggravated THAT problem, but didn't cause it. I wasn't even thinking about the elders when I posted that. But you are absolutely right. It's an ignorant bunch.


  • Nickolas

    rebel8, it seems to me you have a hate-on for the WTBTS. I understand. I would love to see it destroyed, too. Peace.

  • Violia

    Nurses who work in those first aid stands should beware , you can lose your license like that. The first aid stand is under the control of a brother who may do janitor work in real life and now he's overseer of the first aid stand. Even if she were a nurse, she's taking direction from that brother.

    Shame on that nurse and the girls parents. That is somewhat typical of parents in the org who do not know enough to question authority. they are told not to get education and to not question the elders or those in authority.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I returned from the pharmacy a few minutes ago. When I was there, I recalled this thread and spoke with the pharmacist about Pyridium. The drug is well stocked and is currently used to relieve UTI pain. She said 'Pyridium" in the name brand was shortly going to be discontinued. The company is stopping production because so many generics are available, the brand name is no longer bring in any money. So this is what I was told.

  • NewChapter

    So it's only the brand name that is discontinued, but the generics will still be available? I just want to make sure I got this straight. Do you know the generic name? I can look it up, just wondering.


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