Urinary Tract Infection=proof of premarital sex

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  • NewChapter

    Talesin, oh I remember my second one. The very first symptom I was on the phone and my doc took me in an hour. I didn't recognize the signs the first time, so it got pretty bad before I understood it wasn't going away. I remember crying and rocking and muffling screams when I urinated. This was 25 years ago, and I still remember the pain in detail today.

    Reading that woman's story made me break out in a cold sweat. That mother tortured her daughter. praisejah.


  • Leolaia

    I had one last month, hadn't had one in years but this was way worse than all the others. I waited too long to start the meds and it moved up to my bladder and it was horrible (very bloated tummy, abdominal pains, couldn't sit in a chair, felt like I was urinating acid, etc.); I basically ripped the Cipro from my bf's hands when he brought it home. I have to say, that Cipro is magic stuff.

  • talesin

    NC -- yes, it's like napalm going through your urethra!!~!

    I have a funny story for my first one ... now, it's funny!

    It was February, and we had a lot of snow. The roads had about 10cm of slush. We were very poor, and couldn't afford a taxi to the hospital. I had a little rickshaw that hooked up to the back of my bicycle that I used for transporting my sculptures (used to sell at the local artist's fair). So my ex hooked up the bike to the rickshaw. He helped me downstairs and into my "carriage", and covered me with blankets. It was a couple of kilometres, and he cycled us through the slush. The folks at the hospital got quite a surprise to see us pull up! :)

    Leo - ugh, that sounds horrible! Yah, Cipro, that's the ticket.

    The ibuprofen goes well with it, as the dr. explained that even after you get started on the infection healing, you may have more inflammation. I was amazed last week that within 6 hours, I was feeling no pain. MAJIK!


  • dinah
    Paging Margaret White.....paging Margaret White.....

    A fellow Stephen King fan, I presume..... So not only was a child afraid that something was wrong with her body, she was accused of doing something wrong. I'm guessing that "sister" in the First Aid department needed the stick removed from her ass.

  • bigmac

    UTI's are extremely serious.

    when my 2nd wife-to-be got a UTI it quickly developed into salpingitis--and damaged her ovaries.

    she was rolling on the floor in agony.

    this was in 1983---she was in her early 30's--and had never had children----she certainly didnt after that--in spite of serious corrective surgery to her fallopian tubes, ovaries etc.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    ((((Bigmac and wife)))))

    That is so sad.

  • TotallyADD

    I will speak for the guy's on having a bladder infection. I had a real bad one when I was first married. I went to the doctor and he insisted I had VD. I told him the only person I have ever had sex with was my wife. Then he tells me my wife gave it to me. If I wasn't so sick I would have deck him. So with a loud voice I asked him to give me a urine test. He gave in and did it. Guess what I had a bladder infection. I was passing blood it was so bad. The doctor did not even say he was sorry for what he said. This was in the mid 70's and VD was the big disease of the time for young adults. So I kind of know the pain. Totally ADD

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Margaret White-"Get into that prayer closet and beg the Lord for forgiveness for your evil, sinful thoughts! And cover up them dirtypillows!"

  • NewChapter

    This reminded me of a story I had forgotten about. Some years ago there was a single CO--which I think would be a very dangerous thing to be-- who went to one congregation and there was this single sister--pioneer. This pioneer said that the CO was getting to know her on a personal level and his questions felt kind of personal so she thought maybe he was interested in her. Toward the end of the week, he told her he wanted to ask her something. She thought he was finally going to ask her out and was truly excited. Then he asked, "How is your bladder?"

    It turns out that he was aware of several sisters that quit being pioneers because of chronic UTI's. He didn't want to see that happen here, so he encouraged her to stay hydrated and not to hesitate to ask the car group to stop for bathroom breaks!

    So much for her dreams of marrying a travelling overseer.


  • Quandry

    The first aid staffer probably had the qualification of cleaning lady in a hospital. Could a real nurse be so stupid? Talk about jumping to conclusions without information....

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