Urinary Tract Infection=proof of premarital sex

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  • rebel8
  • mummatron

    My mother was convinced I was having sex so she punished me by refusing to stop for bathroom breaks during the 3-hour drive home. I can't explain the agony this caused.

    OMG! That's child abuse. The last thing anyone with a bladder infection should do is not go - that keeps the infection growing inside the bladder and urinary tract. Poor girl.

    UTI's can be serious. I had one whilst pregnant and was hospitalised for 3 days.

  • designs

    The must be showing the Navy's Gonorrhea film at Bethel...

  • talesin

    Oh, that poor child!!!

    UTI's are agonizingly painful when not immediately treated ... how cruel ...


  • doofdaddy

    god works in mysterious ways....

    It's almost a Monty Python skit if wasn't so dangerous

  • NewChapter

    ogod, I can barely stand thinking about that ride home. And such a young child! Sitting there miserable and in intense pain brought on by a heartless mother AND being accused of having sex! ogod.

    UTI's are the worst. I've only had 2 and I will never, EVER, forget them.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was walking on the street when I was 18 and out of nowhere a jolt of pain course through my insides. It was so different from any other pain! I called 911 for help. Pyridum is a miracle. The medication that does not treat the infection but relieves the pain. Mom should have been prosecuted for what she did. Ignorance is not bliss.

  • Scully

    Sadly, that level of ignorance isn't limited to the JWs.

    I've heard of fathers being accused of molesting their daughters when the little girls (like 2 yr olds) had a UTI. Turned out to be from inadvertent non-front-to-back hygiene practices during potty training.

  • talesin

    NC -- me, too. The second time was last week, and the moment I felt the pain, off to the emerg I went. 1st one had me screaming when I urinated. And I am used to dealing with pain.

    FYI, and all, the doctor told me they don't make Pyridim anymore! You have to take an anti-inflammatory + painkiller in addition to the antibiotics (Ibuprofen was his choice, and it worked for me).

    Just a heads-up.


  • Spectre

    Paging Margaret White.....paging Margaret White.....

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