How many people watched "The Princess and the Frog?"

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    Disclaimer: If you can only "deal" with me pursuant to YOUR perception of how "nice" I am... you may not want to read this post. Because I promise you, I am not nice, here. Completely honest, forthright, and truthful... but not nice. So, if you can't stomach it... or tend to get uncomfortable when someone gets completely candid... then consider not reading any further. You've been warned.

    First, THANK you, dear Curtains... and the greatest of love and peace to you! I have to say that I find it HILARIOUS that some folks FORGET... that Egyptians were not only Pharaohs... but... wait for it... AFRICANS - LOLOLOLOL! But, of course, the story had to be "modernized"... which only added insult to injury (the others were all "old" enough to still accommodate a prince/princess!).

    No worries, though - I do realize that some folks just don't get it... and never will. For example (and it might get a little "ugly" after this, so...):

    It's plain that some people will see a racist overtone in almost anything that is culturally anchored.

    That is such an untrue, unfair, out of line... and racist comment, dear, Sizmik (and, yes, peace to you!). I don't doubt that you won't see that, though. Finding racism in ONE thing does NOT equate to finding it "in almost anything" and saying so is racist in and of itself. Because if it's a club, then it's a club. But if it's a SPADE... then calling for others to call it a "club" in order to appease your consciences is not only deceitful and ridiculous... but if it involves race... racist. The question asked as to ONE movie. One. Not ALL movies depicting black people. Not even all cartoons. Or all Diznie movies.

    Based on your comment, however, it is even MORE plain... that some people will REFUSE to see a racist overtone... in almost ANYTHING... even if it's right there... in black (and white).

    It is SO interesting to me when folks DON'T cry "foul" when something racist occurs. Uh-uh, can't do that 'cause, well, it's an "ugly" scar on "our" history and we don't wanna talk about it! "We" WHO? We YOU? But why is it even ABOUT you? It ISN'T (although I know some of you love to MAKE everything... even OUR history and life experiences... about "you"). No one did here (it was about Disney)... nor in the other thread (it was about those who did heinous things to others as a result of race - like the Germans did). But because "it" makes YOU uncomfortable (like "we" care!)... some of YOU just sit back and go, "Oh, look, there "they" go again... bringing up that race stuff. Why don't they just get over it, already?" To that, I would ask: "Why don't folks stop DOING it?" Denying, ignoring, or excusing it... doesn't negate the DOING of it. We will get OVER it... when it STOPS.

    Or others, when they DO see it go, "Oh, well... not my problem." And perhaps you're right - perhaps it's not "your" problem. But it's SOMEBODY'S problem. It certainly is OURS... if we're the ones being subjected to it. And unless someone DOES say something when it occurs... it will KEEP occurring. Surely, you truly do NOT think it's all gonna just "go away on its own". Surely? And if it ISN'T YOUR problem... how in the WORLD can you have an OPINION as to how OTHERS should feel about it?

    While some of you wish to point fingers at dear Wuz (and perhaps me) for her... well, rightful offense and ire at another's comments to ME... the fact that you've posted absolutely NOTHING to that one... in spite of the cutting remarks, snide insinuations, and utter ignorance of the issue entirely... speaks volumes. VOLUMES. In MY culture... that, too, is considered racist... because rather than CHECKING such a person... you side with and further perpetuate their utterly ridiculous views on the matter. Yet, some people should not even COMMENT, truly. It wasn't ABOUT them; it was about another's REAL perception of something.

    It would be like me telling someone who's mentally challenged... and bringing up how, in their opinion, a movie was ridiculing that... that they were just whining, that they should get over it. Who am I to know what that person has experienced and been subject to because of their disability? Or someone Chinese... brining up what occurred in Tianamen Square or under Mao Se Tung.. and me telling them "that was then, this is now, and you really need to get over it." Really? In the same light, how the HECK can "you" tell someone how they SHOULD feel... or view... something that, in THEIR opinion... is offensive... something THEY know about and have experienced? That is not YOUR place. ALL you can do is APOLOGIZE... for those who make it so... or yourself... or the perceived offense. That is ALL you can do... and all you SHOULD do. And that fact that you sit on your laurels... while critiquing and criticizine those who say, "Hey, this is how that made ME feel"... shows WHY "we" don't get over it: you REFUSE to even acknowledge the ERROR, particularly the new and current ones!

    So, now, please... I have said time and again that I am NOT nice. And... I am currently on drugs (for pain). So, if you don't want to see the "Moses" or "Peter" or whoever else may have shown some temper come out in me... because that would threaten your perception of a "true" christian (but, wait, how can someone else's conduct have ANY bearing on YOUR perception???)... then I would ask you to step OFF. You are NOT truly qualified to opine on this subject as you have been doing... unless you are black... AND a woman/girl. If you are a black woman, and you disagree with my perception... so be it. I can respect that. Perhaps you've had different life experiences than have. But if you are NOT... then NOTHING you say in an attempt to invalidate how I feel... holds ANY weight with me. Because YOU have NO idea. Absolutely NONE. And the fact that you might have dated a black man or woman... does NOT suffice.

    Please. Some of you are SO hypocritical. You won't hesitate to tell folks who come here who've never been JWs that they have no right to opine or try to talk about the WTBTS or religion to ex-Jws... because they absolutely can't relate. You won't hesitate to tell current JWs that they can't tell YOU anything because they didn't live YOUR life... and were not raised as YOU were, by YOUR JW parents. You won't hesitate to tell exJWs who didn't lose family... or are facing losing a spouse, children, family... that they can't relate to what YOU'RE going through.

    Yet, you deign not only to try and tell a couple of black women who have LIVED with racism ALL their lives how they should/should not feel... but act like you KNOW how they do or do not feel. While YOUR lives were ensconced in the protective "shell" of the WTBTS (where racism exists, as well!).

    You want to be understood for YOUR life tragedies... but won't allow others the same. Hypocrites: YOU... CANNOT... RELATE. But you make absurd attempts to try and seem as if you do. You tire me, truly.

    Spittin' venom out of one side of your mouth and "peace" out of the other? Seriously? . . . you're a joke people! And a bigger stain on Christianity than the JW's ever were!

    I am going to say this very carefully, dear Siz... and in the most loving manner that I can muster, right now: this is utter BS. You have NO position or call to say such a thing. THIS is a venomous statement, more than any other on this thread. To say something to people who are stating their truth... and speaking from a place of PAIN... that they are a "bigger stain on Christianity than JW's ever were"... has, I think, made me angrier than ANYTHING that has EVER been said to me on this site! A black woman states her opinion, position, and perception... a white woman ridicules her... which angers another black woman so as to come to the first's defense... and maybe she wasn't as "articulate" as YOU believe she should have been... but she was MAD... and well should be... because the white women had NO basis for what she stated - she doesn't KNOW - and here you take up for the white woman. Of COURSE. Not, "Hey, look, white lady, these black women feel a certain way about a certain movie... and so maybe you should just let them have their feelings about it and validate their RIGHT to feel as they do." Nope. Never. Can't happen. We're not ALLOWED to be mad... or respond to those who ridicule us for being so. Been that way from day one. YOU, in YOUR ignorance, don't see, however, how your very response further perpetuates OUR view... that racism, racist remarks, racially intonated movies, etc.,... are perfectly fine. Didn't offend YOU... so shouldn't offend US.

    No, I need to be done with this truly. Because while I AM a slave of Christ (but posted, EACH time... that I was "on my own", here... BECAUSE I am human...), you didn't see NUTHIN' with what dear Wuz posted. In order to maintain MY "christian" demeanor... which is all that folks like you LOOK for... and, just like the tax collectors, probably would have taken issue with my Lord himself... for beating them away from the temple... I will leave this subject.

    So, peace... for now. I can't speak for later, though... and if that diminishes "me" in your eyes... so be it. If voicing my opinion as to how "I" feel and am treated makes you SO uncomfortable that you cannot "bear" me... so frickin' be it. It is YOUR problem, not mine. So feel free to stay away from me... and I'll stay away from you. Because YOU don't validate or invalidate me... or what I feel or think.

    SA, on her own...

  • mrsjones5

    Sing it sista

    Now I'm off to real life to take my baby boy to the dentist who happens to be white and who treats my baby boy like the little prince that he is. I didn't pick this dental group because of any blacks who may work there (though I really haven't noticed if any do work there, that wasn't my focus). I picked this dental group because I did research and found that they were one of the best in town and compatible to what my children were used to back in Indiana.

    So, much love Shelby, fight the good fight. :-)


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have to go out but want to say something later re the issue of skin color and culture and how those two things interplaywith each other and blur the lines between people.

  • botchtowersociety

    Blacks all in a huff but Hispanics haven't gotten our token Princess yet. I can see it now, The Princess and the ICE Agent.

    Get over yourselves people.

  • agonus

    One message I took away from the movie (and maybe I'm missing the boat on this one, who knows) is that Tiana and Naveen were both willing to give up their dreams for love of the other and things ended up turning out OK.

    A noble sentiment, certainly. But perhaps a fairy tale as well ;-P

  • blondie

    It varies from jw to jw what is bad. I know 2 elders that think anything Disney is great and took their kids and now grandchildren to every new one. Others feel anything with magic, witches, etc., is demonized.

    I had several tell me it was all right to go to the Lord of the Rings but not Harry Potter because in LOTR only non-humans were magical and in HP humans were magical. Now I don't understand how it makes any difference. The LOTR jws also went to the Narnia movies.

    It always reminds me of this I heard about the Talmud.

    Picking up an egg on the Sabbath (breaking the sabbath or not?)

    1) No if the hen was raised for food; only a part of the chicken that fell off

    2) Yes okay if the hen was raised as an egg-layer

  • mrsjones5

    "Hispanics haven't gotten our token Princess yet. I can see it now, The Princess and the ICE Agent."

    Ya, I think the closet you're gonna get is Pocahontas. ;D

  • PSacramento
    One message I took away from the movie (and maybe I'm missing the boat on this one, who knows) is that Tiana and Naveen were both willing to give up their dreams for love of the other and things ended up turning out OK.

    You meant you took from the story the actual message of the tale?

    That's just crazy !!!!

  • AGuest
    Get over yourselves people.

    Yeah, let's see you say that when they come out with "The Princess and Montezuma's Revenge"... and it turns out that she gets a taco stand and sells red chili burritos, dear botch.

    Peace to you, though!

    SA, still on her own... who's married to a taco-bender, so I'd be ticked for HIS daughter if that's what SHE got...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George
    You meant you took from the story the actual message of the tale?
    That's just crazy !!!!


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