How do you make a living?

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  • jemba

    Call centre operator. For some weird reason I quite like the job, it can get a bit repetitive at times though. I love the hours as it is a 24 hour centre we can get rostered on all kinds of hours which is fun. The company is very flexible so we can swap and moves shifts around. Good money too for a non skilled job.

    I really need to get my butt into gear and do the university pre study to get into a nursing degree next year.

  • sizemik

    Good bump Mr Facts . . .

    LOL @OUTLAW on page 1 . . . k'nell I miss that guy.

    I sold my business 14 years ago and joined a temp agency.

    Since then I've worked in over 400 different capacities. From sheetmetal work, machine operating, specialist driving; trucks, dozers, forklift, tractors etc., construction, farmwork, excavation, automotive, timber industry, to name a few.

    The longest assignment was about 9 months, the shortest 1 day. The average is about 1-2 months. Im usually assigned a fixed period . . . long enough to get bored and tired of the same old moaners . . . and then I move on. I'm never bored and sort of feel like a working-class superhero LOL.

    My contract is with the agency. I can refuse an assignment without question, and usually have a choice of 3 or 4 when an assignment ends. I set them a minimum pay rate that I'll accept, but it varies above that. I add a few weeks of unpaid leave to my 4 week allocation . . . I need more time off than average. No problem.

    I've never been out of work unless I want time off. The temp agency pays me sick pay, annual leave, with a medical plan and retirement fund. I'm usually paid around $2/hr more than the guy next to me which is nice. I have better job security than I've ever had.

    It's the best jobs I've ever had LOL. I love it.

  • cantleave

    Now the Riots are over I am back to my old Job of selling Natural Cosmetic Ingredients.

    Want to buy some Oat Avenanthramides?

  • mynameislame

    Started out fixing fitness equipment That lasted for about 7 years. During that time I took a course in Windows NT 4 administration wich landed me in a support job.
    Money is better in IT but fixing fitness equipment was much more satisfying not to mention better for the waistline :-).


  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I work as a field auditor for the Department of Revenue.


    I dropped out of school with basic grades to pioneer and was congratulated.

    I worked part time in a shop on a basic wage and eventually worked there full-time before moving to various large companies.

    In my mid-twenties as part of my long fade I went back to college to get professional qualifications - I had years of nasty comments from JW's, was seen as a failure by JW's but I did get to miss plenty of meetings.

    By working incredibly hard for many years I got numerous promotions and after 13 years since the time I was working in a shop I had a senior role in a large company and was earning twenty times more.

    I'm now involved with a global charity (one that actually deserves it's tax exempt status). I've met amazing people, been involved in amazing projects - I'm very lucky.

    For any JW kids who have been pressured to leave education or think by leaving they will be pleasing their parents or the organisation - don't! Get as much education as you can and work hard at it. Without qualifications you can still get good jobs but it takes longer, you need to be talented and need luck. IMHO what the WBTS, CO's, elders and JW's say about education and work is nearly always wrong.


  • mercedes_29

    I'm a French teacher.

  • linuxbob

    I'm a as400 computer operator.

    Semi-ret EMT from NYC.


  • Lozhasleft

    I've just graduated and plan to finish up teaching primary school. I should be getting ready to put the feet up and start knitting, but hell I have so much lost time to make up for......

    Loz x

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I am an Operations Manager over many people, and well over a billion dollars in equipment & assets. I work less than 6 months out of the year.

    Think About It

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