How do you make a living?

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  • strymeckirules

    RED SEAL Journeyman Sheet Metal Mechanic.

    i make oragami out of sheets of metal.

    i can make any 3d shape from a sheet of metal.

    i am an Airflow Tech. i make air move.

  • blond-moment

    I took a course in medical assisting. I worked as a medical assistant for years, adding certificates wherever I could.

    Now I am a sewing educator. I used to travel quite a bit teaching, mostly up and down the east coast. Now I only do one show a year, in Michigan, in Sept.

    I mostly teach locally now.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Pilot for "major" airline since 1987, captain since 1995. Mostly in the lower 48 (US), with a few intra-European trips thrown in. Will be transitioning to our biggest, longest range plane beginning next monh, after which it'll be almost exclusively long range international flying. A lot of non-stops between the US and major cities in southeast Asia and western Europe, with a few non-stops between Asia and Europe as well. I'm looking forward to it.

    A LOT more interesting than banging on doors pestering disinterested people with tripe I don't even believe myself. Of course, I haven't actually done that for many years (thank goodness!), but I can guarantee you I will NEVER do it again.

  • shamus100

    I sell Amway.

    Naturally, I"m kidding...

  • paulnotsaul

    Impressive stats. Its good to get a little backround on each other. Helps to bring us to a better understanding of your life outside of JWN. Yea,OUTLAW just slip a $10 or a $20 in your drivers hand once in a while and they'll probably bring your can up to the house. Don't be afraid to give a little to get a lot. peaceAll paulnotsaul

  • zoiks

    Coffee, I'll have to give your contact info to the person at my firm who schedules Lunch and Learn events...if you don't mind driving a couple of hours...

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Industrial electrician.

    During the last ten years, I worked for a time as a Power Station Superintendent, and prior to that was Manager of an Electrical Supply Company (although, with my limited qualifications, I had to go to a Third World country in order to be considered for such a role).

    These days, I am back on the tools - and thoroughly enjoying being there (the B/S that goes on in the office no longer holds much appeal to me!)


  • talesin

    I used to work in computers, but now on disability and bored OUT OF MY MIND!

    If I can ever get my foot fixed, will be getting back to work and feeling productive again.


  • jwfacts

    I was fortunate that my parents were open minded enough to let me go to university in the late 1980s when it was very frowned upon, and I got a lot of flack from the congregation for it. Did commerce and spent some as a tax consultant but it does not really fit my personality. Ended up in sales, and finally as an Account Manager for an American SAAS ERP software solution. It is a great job and good pay, so I am happy how it all panned out.

  • Sulla

    I went and got a master's in economics, and have worked for several big firms doing statistical/economic modeling and work for one now. When I was a JW, I washed windows. All honest work is noble.

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