How do you make a living?

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  • paulnotsaul

    Alot of different fields of interest. I noticed lots of schooling. This is good. Many sucess stories overcoming the ORG. influence. Please keep posting. Were learning alot about each other. peaceAll paulnotsaul

  • coffee_black

    Zoiks... that would be great! You have a pm


  • blondie

    I work in the legal field. without a degree though I have gone to college. I hope to complete my degree in education and continue preparing people for college.

  • zoiks

    Coffee - got it and replied with info. Thanks!

  • finallysomepride

    Up until a couple of weeks ago I was the manager of a decorator store, but resigned at the end of July, now I'm looking for employment while doing commercial cleaning part time.


  • Caedes

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Ex Neurosurgical nurse, now happy being self-employed at floristry, candle making, and soap making....(I do the soaps free and send them to a charity for people with anxiety and panic like myself to help fund the cost of running the site).

    First job was a labourer on a building site (sandblasting etc)...and worked as a barmaid in parents pub for years.

    Have sold my artwork occasionally, and do murals for kids bedrooms. Also do life-size MDF cutouts of Star Wars/Doctor Who stuff and hand paint them. So yeah, Im a bit arty I guess.

  • Kudra

    Up until this week I got paid to write my dissertation for the past ~10 months. This fall I'll be a teaching assistant for a class I was head instructor for last year...

    It ebbs and flows.

    When I graduate I'll have to get a good-paying job to pay off the student loans for ~2 years.


    I want to do seasonal work and spend the off seasons in S America and New Zealand for a while.

  • kazar

    I work as a legal secretary for a law firm three days a week.

  • shamus100


    You have a PM, darling... ;D

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