How do you make a living?

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  • Aaron Eldridge
    Aaron Eldridge

    Firefighter in Alabama.

  • Finally-Free
    How you doing, Walter? Hope you're well.

    Hi Shamus, I'm doing ok I guess. I'm just psyching myself up for the possibility of unemployment this fall.Hope you're doing ok.


  • Roski
  • Roski


    was made to leave school early to pioneer because the end was coming in 1975. After being a special pioneer and then having children I realised that I needed to educate myself in order to educate my children. I got my high school cert. and enrolled in uni and got up at 4am to study every day - upset the elder husband no end. All in all, 8 years at uni. Have a MA and have been a teacher for 20 years.

    I don't think papers (qualifications) necessarily make or break a person's life - it is their outlook and motivation that is the deciding factor. I've seen many happy and successful people who do not have formal qualifications - but it is the freedom to choose that I believe we all should have and which the WT society tries to deny people.

    I have had my own business (school) and worked for a wide range of educational institutions, but would now like to follow my heart and study art...really wish I had been able to be a vet.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    i live off of internet moneys.

  • Free!!

    I am Senior Training Officer for a big corporation... i am the one the travels around w the flip charts and gives classes everytime the company decides to implement a new initiative... :) LOVE my job!

  • fade_away

    I'm a warehouse shipper. :( Thanks WT!

  • Mr Facts
    Mr Facts


  • Fernando

    Social work: Mental Illness, Addiction, Therapeutic Communities.

  • cedars

    I've recently taken up a job as a promotional agent for a warrior wizard. He's quite a controversial character, but he should be a big hit with kids once his career takes off. I'm just taking a small cut for now, but I may need to re-negotiate once he gets REALLY famous.


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