first contradiction in the bible?

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  • Tyre


    The US in genesis is a BIT debated.

    Trinitarians point out the relationship between Father, Son and HS.

    Non-trinitarians say it was God speaking to his Angels.

    so human (in Genesis 1:26) is a combo between God+Angel ?? it is written "Let US make man in OUR IMAGE (God +Angel) "

  • PSacramento

    Human's made in God's image can mean many things but most think it means:

    That Humans have the qualitities that God and his "angels" have: Free will, the ability to choose and to love and so forth.

    Of course if the "US" means the Trinity then it can mean the same as above PLUS the perfect union of Mind, body and spirit as God is perfect in union woth Father, Son and HS.

  • N.drew

    Jehovah God resides in the spiritual heaven, it is the heaven of the heaven.

    Heaven as we know it is the expanding universe. It and time are twined.

    The Heaven of the heaven does not exist in our dimension. Time is not present

    there. I know you beautiful women want to go there, OK, you men too.

    But then you wouldn't have, never mind.

    Maybe the spiritual "person" Satan, when thrown down, entered then into

    earth with it's "short" time. Get it, forever of no timeness IN heaven

    then timeness which would be shorter even if it lasted for ever, so it's not a date.

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