London Riots

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  • sizemik

    There's no doubt they're criminals . . . but what makes them criminals?

    Simple . . . they have no stake in the current arrangement. No stake means nothing to lose.

    If the socio-political arrangement removes the stakes from stakeholders . . . then it will continue to produce "criminals" of this type

  • shamus100

    Take lots of pictures. They're prosecuting the shit out of the assholes that rioted in Canada. :D Facebook does serve a purpose.

  • botchtowersociety

    1 million views, 50,300 Facebook shares, 40,000 tweets have sent 'woman's speech to rioters' viral **language**

  • botchtowersociety

    They're prosecuting the shit out of the assholes that rioted in Canada.

    I was in Vancouver 2 1/2 weeks ago. When I brought the subject up with local friends they were adamant that this was a small stupid minority and that this is not what the city is like.

  • leavingwt

    A protester is a rebel with a cause. These youths in hoodies and men in bandanas are not fighting for a principle, they’re trashing neighbourhoods for a plasma telly and a pair of new trainers. Masked gangs are looting department stores, not waving placards. One woman described being on a bus that was set upon by angry rioters; someone else talked about Turkish men lining the street of their neighbourhood to protect their homes from looters: neither eyewitness seems to be describing a protest.

    To elevate the gangs’ inarticulate resentment to “protest” is not only a mistake, it is the creation of a dangerous urban myth. That myth sows doubts about police, fear of anyone young and black, and loathing of the lawless elements by fearful residents.

    Broadcasters from the BBC to Bloomberg can’t decide whether they want to attribute the mob’s motives to anger against the Coalition’s cuts or fury at the police killing of a father of four in Tottenham. But the testimonials tell a different story: violent gangs coming together in an orchestrated fashion to confront “the feds” and seize an opportunity to plunder.

  • botchtowersociety

    Things that are less likely in America (or at least the good parts):

    Forced to strip naked in the street: Shocking scenes as rioters steal clothes and rifle through bags as people make their way home At least less likely with me. I live in the Gunshine State, thank God.



  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    I used to live in London and I have worked all over the city and I used to work with the wife of the owner of the furntiure shop that got torched in croydon.

    It sadden's me greatly to see the city I call my hometown look like a warzone and if believe the US media who have described it as London is rioting it doesn't make it look good.

    I am I surprised that all of this has kicked off?

    No, because for a number of years everything has been about rights. The right to go where you please, do what you want, privacy, get financial help or support so on and so forth. Everyone has rights!

    Unfortunately with rights comes responsibility and because no one is holding these thugs and louts up on this they have got away with an awful lot and this snowballs to this!

    Add into that a view that to get rich or famous you don't have to work, just become notorius in a good or bad fashion and again this is what happens as it is seen as an opportunity to get those things you really want like the big tv and flash trainers.

    What I find amusing is that the likes of rio ferdinand, wayne rooney and others are tweeting about how out of order the riots and looting are yet behave like they are above the law!

  • jookbeard

    we live about 5 miles away from the riots that took hold of a town called Croydon last night and will be in for a nervous night tonight after Twitter announcements of another night of carnage across London, our town had 4 shops robbed and we heard a load of the yobs running down our street at about 0100 this morning, worrying,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • ThomasCovenant

    THE London riots are the inevitable consequence of a society that includes some arseholes who like to steal things instead of working, experts claimed last night.

    Sociologists said the devastation across the capital was the direct result of either social exclusion and government cutbacks or some young, inner-city pricks finding a flimsy excuse to set fire to Carpetright.

    As the city's often neglected underclass of dicks, twats and fuckers, let out a desperate cry of opportunist theft, Waterstones in Clapham was only spared after staff hurriedly removed the Stars of the Jeremy Kyle Show Pop-Up Book from the window.

    Dr Tom Logan said: "I'm a sociologist, which means three things - I have an appalling education, I have very little money and most of the time I am unbelievably bored.

    "And yet I have only a fairly small inclination to set fire to some shops while refreshing my tracksuit collection.

    "You see, some people are just dicks, but sometimes even dicks like an excuse."

    Rioter Martin Bishop said: "I'm not entirely sure who is to blame for me wanting to steal things and then set fire to the building where those things used to be.

    "But it is nice to have the flimsy excuse. It makes me feel more mature."

    Meanwhile, as former England cricket captain Alec Stewart began assembling a posse of vigilante test heroes, seismologists reported a sudden lurch to the right as people who own tagines found themselves calling for the immediate deployment of the Parachute Regiment and a couple of RAF Tornadoes.

    Julian Cook, a planning consultant from Finsbury Park, said: "As long as it doesn't get too 'Bloody Sunday' I think it could teach them a valuable lesson about property rights and the rule of law."

    But Dr Logan stressed that long after the fires had been extinguished debate would continue to rage over what turned these dicks into the fuckers they are.

    He added: "I suspect it'll be easier if we all just agree to blame Carpetright."

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