London Riots

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  • Pig
    "disenfranchised and isolated youth expressing their hopelessness to overcome the inequality they face in day to day life"

    that's what we say when non white people commit crimes in support of a thug who attempted to murder a police officer.

  • talesin

    For anyone who wants to watch it,,,


  • Caedes
    What!? Riots you say. The hell I say. For years smugly superior Britons and their acolytes on the American left have declaimed and lectured on our inferiority. Our lack of a proper social democracy. The abhorrent lack of an NHS, our armed citizenry, our death penalty....
    Why would anyone feel like rioting in such a socialist democratic paradise?


    Actually the UK government is conservative and in the middle of a massive program of slashing spending (And in a strange coincidence, those cuts are mainly aimed at the poorest sectors of society) . Socialist democratic paradise? - not so much.

  • Podobear

    More preconceived ideas about the U.K eh, Caedes? Your comment to Botch cuts the mustard.

    Here in Bristol, we had a little looting in St. Pauls overnight... and Parliament has been recalled for one day this Thursday.

    Up to the moment report, as I wait for my next patient to arrive 11.27am 9 August 2011

  • sizemik
    Your comment to Botch cuts the mustard.

    Sure do . . . and money shakes the sauce bottle . . . whether it's in the left hand or the right.

    And they wonder why the revolution . . .

    Lock 'em all up for a while . . . so they can have a decent standard of living while they organise themselves.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    The underlying problems that cause the riots should not be ignored.

    In the mean time bring out the army to stamp on these louts. It's overtaxed hardworking people like me that have to pick up the bill.


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    It is so sad for the average citizen when thug rioters get a foothold on a situation. I hope this ends soon.


    This is a complex terrible situation and glib comments about politicians remaining overseas are cheap shots. There have been thousands of people rioting and looting at times which is still a tiny fraction of the 60 million people who live on these shores. Criminal gangs are making the most of the stretched resources of the MET (London police force). The media frenzy whilst attempting to get to the real stories and putting itself in dangerous positions does little to reduce any panic.

    For those that are directly affected I hope they stay safe.


  • cantleave

    Think looters like this one below should be shot!!!!

  • purplesofa

    @wobble.... sorry I didn't get the link posted. Pics of burnt out buildings (homes and businesses) this am are very sad. Reading about lots of volunteer help with cleanup crews, although some places are still not safe to enter. Hoping for a quiet night. I did see a facebook campaign to attack Mosques, here is hoping these people have been reported and cannot follow through. Saw a very sad video of an injured boy, bleeding profusely being mugged. Very sad images.

    Panic on the streets of London

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