London Riots

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  • punkofnice

    It just convinces me more that I must

    OBEY the Governing Body or Jehovah will lovingly murder me SOON (terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping' or 'new light'(TM) or the greater of the two).

    The end MUST be so close. Just a stones throw from I said stones throw.........

  • cantleave


    Toxteth, Handsworth, Bristol, Southampton 1981 - Ask Mrs Punk if she remembers those?

    I see so many similarities, the racial element, recession, opportunists stirring trouble. Armageddon was nigh back then too!

  • GromitSK

    I don't think it has much to do with race. Some of the businesses trashed are asian-owned apparently. I suspect it is partly to do with the way the Police have handled this but that doesn't account for the looting, robbery and criminal damage to local businesses and residences. This is not an affluent area. I suspect some of it is as per cantleave's observation - some understandable element fanned by those oportunists looking to stir up trouble. Like most of these situations I expect it will be a small number of people turning a vallid protest into an excuse for mayhem and ruining the lives and businesses of many law-abiding innocent local inhabitants.

  • punkofnice

    @cantleave Thanks, mate. However, Mrs Punk'll only remember what proves her beloved 7 men (Beast with 7 heads), in Brooklyn to be god's mouth piece.

    She'll say she doesn't remember when she does.She does mental summersaults to prove I'm a dirt bag and the 7 headed beast in Brookly can take her in any position they want. God I loathe that woman!

    I was at the Notting Hill carnival riot in the '70's. That's when I decided to be a punk. Sadly later I got sucked back into the bOrg!

    I wonder how much 'Class War' the anarchist group are involved!?!?!

  • Curtains

    In Tottenham the home of an elder was burned down Saturday night along with many other homes. And in addition to the major riots there many mini riots and looting springing up in lots of places around here. teenagers in hoodies collecting on corners about 5 mins away from where we live and reports suggest that our area is next. we are keeping a bag packed

    what started as a protest re the police is developing into protest about job losses, university cuts etc. these youngesters are very brazen. At tottenham macdonalds after breaking in they made themselves breakfast early sunday morning.

  • jam

    I was here doing the Watts roits( 1965-1966). I live

    in Pasadena at the time, but I had family that live in

    Watts. It was terrible in Watts before the roits. My

    uncle lost two sons (killed) in the gang violence.

    Between the gangs and police brutality it was

    like the wild wild west. We could only visit my uncle

    doing the day hours, get out before dust.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Oh blimey the MIL is convinced that the UK is burning........of course this is now happening all over the world........its as the bible says....and will soon come to the states.

    But MIL, we live in Canada!

    MIL response - Yes but it will come here too

    Me: Only when the beer runs out!

    MIL on this point looks very confused and wanders off!

  • mummatron
    mummatron - Communities consider motive behind riots in London

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    It seems to me that whatever started this is now forgotten. People have realised that force of numbers, marshalled by social networking through smart phones cn out number the authorities. They are looting high value goods. The scale and scope of the insurgence over many centers means that the police are practically unable to deal with it. Whole city bocks of commercial buildings ae burning to the ground because there are too many fires for the fire service to attend. Huge fires that would normally be fought by multiple fire tenders are being left to burn or there is one lonely appliance with a small crew of fire fighters.

    The momentum is gathering, the Prime Minister cameron is holding a meeting of "Cobra" tomorrow, the equivalent of the US president going to the war room. It is difficult to know what will stop this. Normally discipline is kept by a sort of general pact that people en masse will behave them selves. London has 15 million population with 30,000 police. It is not possible to keep the peace without some sort of public aquiescence. We may need curfews, the army, major intervention to get this under control.

    It aint British.

  • ziddina
    "I just said: 'Yeah! We had riots like this in the '70's and '80's!'
    'Not like this, one after the other!'
    'Yeah! We did I was there at the time, I remember!'
    'No! We didn't....not like this!'
    'Oh, yes we did!'
    'Oh, no we didn't!' ..."

    Dunno about the U.K., but here in America the riots were REALLY bad during the 60's - 70's...

    Might want to pull up some old newspapers on the 60' - 70's riots in America and show them to her...

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