London Riots

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    punkofnice......Maybe its more a prediction from the sex pistols.....tell Mrs Punk....Anarchy in the UK....coming some time....maybe?....ain't nothin new under the sun.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk


    I hope the riot kicks off right outside your door. Wonder if you will stick with your crap liberal opinion then.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    HIstorically Riots seem to go hand in hand with the economy, unemployment and Depression....this is NOT a new phenomenon

    Cleveland Riot 1933

    New Zealand Riot 1932

    Great depression in the Netherlands 1930'3, The Great Depression led to political instability and riots

  • jam

    I do not know what cause the riots in London,

    but in the US it was two factors, the police and

    the economy. In the 60,s the watts roits the

    economy was good, so what was it, the police.

    We have come A long way, but we still have away

    to go. Just recently, Kelly Thomas case here in

    Fullerton Calif. The young man was A schizophrenic,

    beaten to death by six police. No roits but A peaceful

    protest. After the R. King beating roits in the 70,s.

    Afterwards leaders in the communities stress, why

    burn down your own community. In the 70,s there

    were many black own business, but in the 60,s very few.

    My observation, as A black man.

  • sizemik

    With . . . . Without

    And who'll deny

    It's what the fightings all about

    Us and Them - Pink Floyd

  • NewChapter

    do you mean Rodney King? Those riots happened in the 90's in LA. Videos of Rodney King's beating by police were showed repeatedly on television, so when the cops got off in court, the riots started. My friend's daughter was a public health nurse in LA at the time, and had to go to those communities and they really worried about her. She did her job anyway, but that one guy got beat in the head with a fire extinguisher. It was really ugly. I don't know if that changes anything, but it wasn't all that long ago.


  • mummatron
  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I grew up in the Italian section of Newark, NJ. Newark was once, a long time ago, flourishing. We were in the shadow of NY but we were strong on our own merits. Friends' family owned inner city restaurants and businesses. A racial taxi incident led to a large riot. The city burned. Newark has never been the same. My close friend said the black neighborhood had normal people on the street, shopping and hanging out to the early morning. After the riots, businesses closed at five. No one went out. This was 1969.

    If there were oppressors, they lived in the suburbs. Only lately have their been some initial steps towards become a normal city. You needed a tank to feel safe at one point. All the stores but one vanished. Rioting does not make sense. If there is injustice, organize. Burning destroys you most of all.

    Oh, I heard from several people that I absolutely trusted that the state police and National Guard went bonkers in the inner city. They sprayed bullets indiscriminately and at small children. My family hid in our back rooms. The state police rode through every few minutes with rifles out the windows. Not Norman Rockwell. The National Guard camped out on my school.

    Doesn't it have to be co-ordinated in Britain? All the cities at once? What is truly happening?

  • purplesofa
  • Berengaria

    Sizemik you and Pink Floyd have it. When a segment of the population feels they have nothing to lose, ............................

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