Frederick Franz, "Bible Scholar"

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  • designs

    Fred Franz and Albert Schroeder exploited the short comings of standard Christian Theologians. That was ok. Were they real genuises in the sense of what we think in terms of doing original work, or curator work humm not so much.

  • Terry

    The Bible is what?

    1.Word of mouth stories about Jesus circulating for decades before being written down as original documents.

    2.Original documents nobody bothered to preserve.

    3.Guesswork based on hand-copied (based on other copies) apologetic literature assembled by a pagan emperor's committee, voted on and approved. The result was one of the most

    corrupt, venal, politically filthy power-wielding institutions on earth for 1500 years: the Catholic Church.

    4.The Protestant counter insurgency split christianity into thousands of fragments of denominations, theologies, cults and sects by inventing a principle elevating THE BIBLE to supreme authority:

    SOLA SCRIPTURA: the bible alone. This was a direct answer to the Catholic Church's supreme authority: MAGESTERIUM: What the church says is TRUTH infallible.

    5.No scholar can purify, edify, identify or filter what the bible really is into a divine voice of uncorrupt truth; neither Fred Franz nor anybody else.

    6.Jehovah's Witnesses are a chronology obsessed religous cult warping all belief in god into an ancient tribal Jehovah's final battle with vulnerable humanity. Propagating fear of destruction into membership and salesmanship is their driven purpose.

    7.Our life and the lives of tens of thousands of other Ex-JW's is stark factual proof of the insidious nature of this CULT which pretends a resident scholar tapped into a lost TRUTH. The only "Truth" that is demonstrably evident is that it is crass, unloving, destructive and diversionary.

    Time is wasted vetting Fred Franz or his credentials. Anything Franz "translated" was inauthentic to begin with and without provenance. Garbage in=Garbage out.

    Jehovah's Witnesses preach, teach and live garbage.

  • designs

    If you add Mayo to the garbage does the taste improve.

    I remember the aha moment on the evangelical-jw site run by Rob Bowman and frequented by Barry Hofstetter, theological scholars, and thinking 'what a waste' what an absolute waste.

    Franz was impressed by a Newtonian concept of septummillinarianism, fun stuff I guess if you don't have a family to feed and your meal ticket is being picked up by hard working folks....

  • Terry

    Each new date or twist on standard JW teaching is like the superhero comic REBOOTs that come along to energize the fanbase and re-excite, jumpstart and rekindle the excitement of being

    the ONLY TRUE christians who "know" what others do not! Self-importance is rife.

    Outlaw said: "The name Jehovah is a Translation Mistake made by a 14th century Catholic monk.."
    Have you ever made a list of Bible names and attempt to make a transliteration of their names into English?That would be a good exercise......Wonderment
    Interestingly, Jesus chose to glorify God's name before others. See John 12:28-30. I believe it is better to follow Jesus
    in this matter than to follow modern bible translators who have an aversion to his name. What do you think?.....Wonderment

    I think you enjoy ignoring the obvious..

    The original name (YHWH)was never meant to be spoken..

    Pretending a Translation Mistake that is meant to be spoken,is OK..Is ridiculous..

    The debate isn`t about Jesus..Bringing Jesus into the Conversation is a Strawman argument.

    I doubt you would know Jesus if he Bit your Ass..

    .................... ...OUTLAW



    One more thought..

    Your font size is hard to read..You should bring it up to 12..

    It will be easyier for people who enjoy your posts to read them..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • VM44

    Judge Rutherford was advertised as "The world's foremost Bible scholar" in the book Vindication, vol. 1, (1931).

    The statement does not appear in the pdf version of the book as the advertisement section in the back of the book was left out!

    Could someone who has the book make a scan of that statement? It is priceless.

  • Terry

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  • cantleave

    Terry - I didn't know that -

  • PSacramento
    Fred Franz and Albert Schroeder exploited the short comings of standard Christian Theologians. That was ok. Were they real genuises in the sense of what we think in terms of doing original work, or curator work humm not so much.

    No, they didn't.

    Any of the theologians or apologetcis of their tiem or before would have demolished any of their views.

    They exploited the ignorance of the masses they prefer to be told than to find out for themselves.

    Which is still going on today.

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