Frederick Franz, "Bible Scholar"

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  • designs

    Next is Remedial English

  • Wonderment

    designs: What exactly do you mean by ""Remedial English? And to whom is this directed at?

  • Terry

    And to whom is this directed (at)?

  • Wonderment

    jookbeard said:

    I've always found it strange that Fred "frequenter of male saunas in New York" Franz receives so much adulation and is revered in this almost superstar status because he could recite scripture and public talks by memory , big deal"

    I heard Fred Franz was an advocate of body cleansing by saunas and by starting the day with two glasses of warm water before his daily walk.

    Some may object to F. Franz receiving adulation, but the truth is he has received far more criticism than adulation. And to this day he gets criticism, not only from, ex-JWs, but also, from mostly evangelicals at that.

    And really, how many of Frederick Franz's critics get to get a mention of honor in the The New York Times (such as Fred did on December 24, 1992) when the paper described Frederick Franz as "a religious Leader....[of] a Christian denomination" and "a biblical scholar...versed in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek."

    So even if we don't agree with the figure of Fred Franz, recognition of his abilities in the midst of denial and criticism is welcomed in the name of fairness.

  • Pistoff

    Wonderment, I think the point being made is the WITNESSES adored Fred Franz, and were in awe of him. Most still think he was a Rhodes scholar.

    All of the comments here point to him being responsible for a word for word type translation; this is not a crowning accomplishment, and the NWT is revered only by witnesses.

    It is regarded as a passable but literal translation.

    Consider this:

    His most obvious contribution to bible translation is inserting an anglicized, anachronistic name for god in both the OT and the NT.

    The israelites never uttered the word jehovah, but in Fred's translation they do.

    It was never spoken by Jesus, or the apostles; there is no evidence they ever used a name for god, other than lord or god, but in Fred's translation there they are, speaking Jehovah just like you and me, isn't it wonderful!!!

    My biggest problem is that Fred WAS self taught; as such, he missed out, apparently, on the concept of colloquial use of language rather than literal.

    His is a bland, flavorless translation, filled with awkward sentences and phrases no one ever uttered, just like they never used the word Jehovah.

  • Terry

    Fred Franz kept this wacky religion on a cutting edge by constantly reworking the same math problem of Armageddon and finding various (fake) solutions with great fanfare and "proof".

    Franz could find a hundred ways of saying: I don't know, nobody knows but we're going to act like THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

    After his death there was and is NOBODY with the steel balls to create out of thin air the same sense of entitlement to inside prophetic interpretation of prophecy!

    The Watchtower Organization was always a ONE TRICK PONY and that pony's name was FRED FRANZ.

    It is still a circus, but, there is nothing in any of the rings but sawdust and spotlights. It has been relegated to a freakshow.

  • designs

    Let's toss Sawdust up in the air and celebrate the Truth

  • Wonderment

    I agree that Fred Franz was somewhat "weird" in his theologies. He is probably the one to blame for leading a pack of gullible followers, including myself in the past, for placing trust in men who decide for God when Armageddon should be.

    Fred Franz stated in Australia after the 1975 fiasco: "I made an ass of myself." I could not have said it better.

    I am glad we can see his faulty theology better now, but I don't think Fred produced a bad translation. I do like it very much. The NWT has many faults, but it also has many virtues.

  • Pistoff

    You are welcome to that translation; to me it is lifeless, technical and soulless.

    I could not care less if Fred Franz realized he was an ass. That is classic; "I made an ass of myself".

    More accurate to say:

    "Wow, because I was not enough of a scholar to realize end times theology is a misunderstanding of apocalyptic beliefs in the first century, I misled the entire fellowship; millions of believers canceled college, didn't have children, didn't plan for retirement. I ruined millions of lives."

    THAT would be real contrition instead of concern about himself.

    Instead he makes an offhand non public comment about how he looks to others, and we get no apology for 1975 or the generation mistakes.

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