Since You've Left The Organization Have You Turned Into A "Bad" Boy or Girl?

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  • minimus

    of course, Vamp.

  • Ilovebirthdays

    No, I was much more badly behaved when a Witness. There were a large group of us that frequented gay clubs, got drunk, and various other things. Right now I'm a soccer mom. It doesn't get much more boring than me.

  • mrsjones5


    Get you mini dot brain out of the gutter.

  • minimus

    ...I toldya I was bad.

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    • Still completely faithful to my wife and she is faithful to me - we have a strong marriage and our kids are thriving.
    • We don't use illegal drugs.
    • I still haven't killed anyone, nor have I been in any bar fights because, well, 1) we don't go to bars and 2) I'm a wuss.


    • We're becoming more environmentally conscious than we were as JWs. Yay, earth!
    • We have released and corrected numerous prejudices since we left. Rights for everyone!
    • We put more emphasis on personal accountability and being good for goodness' sake.
    • I've expanded my f*cking vocabulary to include at least a dozen new colorful words.
  • FlyingHighNow

    I've gone back to being the free spirit I always was. I believe in the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.

  • daringhart13

    "Bad Boy?"

    Enh.....not sure about that......I don't drink NEAR as much as the JW's around here....they are perpetually drinking/drunk.....especially the elder's wives (but I probably would be too if married to them)

    I like a good cigar.

    And yes......I love women. But I loved women while I was a single JW elder. Now, I just get a bigger pool to fish in......the JW girls were terrible.

    Oh......I forgot....I continue to watch R rated movies!!! LOL LOL

  • sd-7

    I'd say, I've become more of an idiot than a bad boy. Easily manipulated by people who shouldn't have been around in the first place. So that sucks. I mean, sure I did the fornication stuff for a short time, but the guilt ate me up, so I ended up marrying 'fore I should've.

    Apart from some R-rated movies and that office holiday party crap, though, I've otherwise been pretty much the same. I feel less guilt about R-rated movies than before, but some of the same guilt issues are probably still there.

    I do wonder if they think I'm a 'bad boy' now; the stories must've got really out there by now. I mean, I'm guessing somebody either knew I was 'sd-7' or the elders told like everybody they could, 'cause it already got back to Mom about my situation long before any announcement was made about me. Whatever.

    In conclusion, I'd say, idiot and sucker, yes, but bad boy? No.




    I`ll probably have to get a new TV for that..

    I don`t even have HD yet..


  • sd-7

    Funny, Outlaw. This actually reminds me of that episode of "Good Times" where J.J. goes to the VD clinic. And who does he meet there but the very young Jay Leno! And the doctor's sage words, "Well, you shouldn't be foolin' 'round in the first place, but if you do, at least get it taken care of," or something like that.

    But...that's a totally random thought.


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